Sound Magic Releases Ruby Grand, A Modeled Yamaha C7 Grand Piano

yamaha-c7-grand-uiSound Magic has released Ruby Grand, a modeled Yamaha C7 Grand Piano.

Sound Magic says that they have ‘captured the mellow sustain, beautiful tones, and unique timbre quality originally crafted into the ivory keys through Neo Piano Hybrid Modelling Engine.”

Sound Magic also captured multi angle IRs from the soundboard, then used modeling technology to convert those IRs into Resonance Engine Algorithms. Users have the ability to lift the lid, alter the dampers, change the velocity response, apply a ‘style’ or resonance, adjust the player/audience perspective and more.

Here are the official audio demos:

Pricing and Availability

Ruby Grand is available now for €149/$169/£105.

4 thoughts on “Sound Magic Releases Ruby Grand, A Modeled Yamaha C7 Grand Piano

  1. It’s a pretty good effort. I think the overall tone of it is pleasant and it “reads” like a real piano. Some artificial qualities are noticeable in the dynamics and the dampers-up sounds.

    Because PianoTeq has raised the bar for what is available and possible with a piano model, other developers are challenged to bring something very special (or very affordable) to the table. Perhaps if tweaking the settings can produce a C7 “with attitude”, some will find it cuts through the mix better. Or if changing the settings can get you to a more growly electric grand tone, perhaps that would be useful.

    I tried a couple sound magic demos in the past and liked the sounds ok, but the UI was a little clunky.

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