New BlipCase Designed For Traveling With Mobile Music Devices


MeeBlip has introduced the BlipCase – a lightweight, rugged carry case for traveling with compact music gear.

BlipCase’s dimensions have been selected with gear like the Korg Volca series, MeeBlip, and Mackie and Behringer compact mixers in mind.

Here’s a video overview:


  • Hard shell and metal-reinforced corners for durability
  • Shoulder strap and full-sized handle to grab and go
  • Grip foam holds equipment steady – even as you pla
  • 15 removable dividers keep equipment snug
  • Two foam wedges elevate equipment at an angle for easy access
  • Create dozens of different configurations to fit your gear collection
  • Extend your performance area using the removable top panel

Pricing and Availability

The BlipCase is available now for US $79.

21 thoughts on “New BlipCase Designed For Traveling With Mobile Music Devices

  1. The lid does come off! 🙂 So — wish granted. You can even use the top for additional play area (also useful for carrying things on and offstage, for instance). And you can remove the foam from the top if that’s useful.

    1. Holler at me if you guys need a product tester. 🙂 This is very much in my wheelhouse (as you can see from my little project here):

      I like the removable lid idea. I’ve been thinking about a way to modify the hinges on that above so as to not block the audience (as Goudron said). I may stand sideways to it for now.

      Good job.

      P.S. I’m a proud owner of a white Anode.

      P.S.S. Props for featuring my friend’s music on your video. He’s a talented guy.

    2. Looks great! Can you list out the lengths of the included dividers and the interior dimensions so we can figure out how it will work for specific pieces of gear? thanks!

      By the way, Disqus on CDM seems to be having problems. I couldn’t comment there.

    1. Just guessing from the pic, but it looks like there’s room for roughly 4 volcas or 8 meeblips which would put it in the range of 200mm x 400mm

      EDIT: check that – 3 1/2 meblips wide, so 350mm

  2. Is that red meeblip an older one or the new synth they’re coming out with?

    I own the white one and it is a fun little gadget to sample.

    1. In the past, we’ve made MeeBlips in the following color schemes:
      Original: navy blue with custom graphic detail
      SE: black/orange-white trim and black/metallic silver
      anode: black, white


    1. No, we didn’t claim to invent metal cases or dividers. The point here was we were careful about two things:

      One, sizing the exterior (and internal dividers) such that some popular compact gear (like volca) would fit in various combinations, *without* making the overall case size too big.

      Two, details as far as hinge and case lining that would allow you to use this on the road but also play onstage with it easily.

      Yes, of course it’s all commonly made stuff (we have a manufacturing partner, but we didn’t design something totally new here).

      It’s our first go in cases – hopefully not our last. I just got mine, though, and it’s already proving useful. Actually, until we sort out European shipping, honestly that Hungarian dealer may be a better bet. But I’m working on finding a way to get some units into the EU and shipping from here so that shipping isn’t so expensive.

      Greetings to Hungary!

  3. The CDM guys are cool, so I’m encouraging folks to buy this from them… Buuuuut… If you’re a starving musician, and I the ol USA… Harbor Freight has this almost exact same thing for like 1/2 the price. A bit diff. Dimensions and I’m not sure if the kid is removable (at least in a way that would let you put it back together, I mean after all, EVERYTHING is removable if you try hard enough 🙂 ).

    1. That Harbor Freight case was the one I used. I think after coupons and the sale they were having (they’re always having a sale) I got it for about $20.

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