Moog Updates Animoog With Support For iPad Pro, Bluetooth LE MIDI, MPE & More

record-animoog-to-ableton-liveMoog has updated Animoog for iPad to version 2.4.0, adding support for the iPad Pro, Bluetooth LE MIDI, Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression and more.

Here’s what’s new in Animoog 2.4.0:

  • Animoog now requires iOS 8.2 or later.
  • Fully optimized graphics, keyboard layout and interaction for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.
  • Support for Apple Pencil pressure on the keyboard.
  • Support for Apple Pencil angle as a ‘pencil-angle’ modulation control on the keyboard.
  • Support for Apple Pencil angle as a ‘path-width’ modulation source along the path.
  • Support for Bluetooth LE MIDI devices.
  • Support for MPE input with note-per-channel MIDI controllers.
  • Added collapsible Inter-App Audio transport bar.
  • Consolidated ‘poly-pressure’ and ‘chan-pressure’ into one ‘pressure’ modulation source.
  • The vertical position of the keys on initial touch is now used as the ‘velocity’ modulation source.
  • Left and right tapping next to the scale slider will now transpose octaves down and up.
  • Timbres panel improvements to make sound design easier.
  • Single-tapping a timbre on the left panel now highlights it, while double-tapping scrolls to its location in the Timbres list.
  • The Timbres list on the right panel is no longer collapsed when switching presets.
  • Values of CC mapped controls are now sent out at preset changes.
  • Incoming MIDI CC 120 now turns off all active sound.
  • Incoming MIDI RPN 0 now sets the active pitch bend range.
  • Minor user experience improvements when working with modal dialogs.
  • Settings are now saved immediately when changes occur.
  • Fixes to timbre list where auto-scroll would overshoot at times.
  • Fixes to some built-in scale definitions.

Pricing and Availability

Animoog for iPad is available for US $29.99 in the App Store.

34 thoughts on “Moog Updates Animoog With Support For iPad Pro, Bluetooth LE MIDI, MPE & More

      1. I did the same, upon initial release they included an incentive pricing at $1 for the first month after which it went to ~$30USD iirc…always impressed with the quality of their products, I used my dad’s iPad to purchase it then on my account so I’d have it when I later acquired one of my own. Wasn’t disappointed in the slightest, and they’ve only continued to improve its function and integration, e.g. Link and MPE support as well as many others…I’ve picked up the others as they’ve been made available, and haven’t the first complaint re: the quality of sound and function. I’ll never understand how some folks balk at paying what comes to pennies on the dollar for apps like these, when the hardware and often software equivalent would cost magnitudes more…I’d had my eye on JazzMutant’s Lemur since the early ‘00’s, but as a working artist couldn’t afford to drop £2000 on the original device…once it ported to iOS for a mere $50, well, shut up and take my money. I think it’s even offered for half that these days, there’s just no arguing with the bang-to-buck these ports are providing, and I’ll happily pay whatever they ask for a system that only a decade ago had cost 100’s or 1000’s of times more, especially if it means these companies continue to produce and support beautiful, quality instruments.

    1. What does “5 years old” mean though in the context of an app still receiving updates of this size / calibre? It’s clearly not dated.

      Anyways, it does go on sale a couple times a year at a decent discount. Wait for Black Friday.

    2. just got to keep checking on it, it did go on sale once in the past year, no announcement for it.
      several aps are like that

  1. ”Support for Apple Pencil pressure on the keyboard.” = the ultimate Stylophone…

    ….I wonder if Rolf Harris will advertise it?

    Oh….perhaps not…..

    1. Hi Brian, MIDI program change has been supported for a long time by Animoog now. Have you tried it? If it doesn’t work for you, could you please reach out to us through email? Thanks.

  2. After the update, the new version crashes immediately on startup after showing the splash screen for about two seconds on my iPad 2. The previous versions ran just fine on this iPad. I think I still have an update of an older version (fingers crossed).

    1. Hi Chris, we’re very sorry that you have to go through this. We’ve indeed identified a startup crash on non-retina devices and are working on a hot fix now. We’ll post an update as soon as possible. We truly apologize for the inconvenience!

      1. This is another great example of Moog Music’s incomparable customer care. Having just gone through hard times getting support from another company (which shall remain unnamed), this is an example to follow!

  3. would be cool if we have an iphone and ipad version we can get a discount on another moog app . i would gladly trade in my iphone animoog for a discount on moog model 15

    glad this has been updated for ipad tho, was a bit buggy

    1. Hi Itchy, please reach out to us over email if you encounter any bugs. If we don’t know about something that is troubling you, it might slip through the nets and not be improved for a next release.

      1. Somehow PPG and Arturia are able to do it, so I don’t buy that argument – and as much of a game changer Audiobus was, it is unwieldy compared to a modern desktop production environment. Perhaps its too much to ask, but Audio Units seems hopeful in this respect.

    1. Hi Charles, we’re very sorry that you have to go through this. We’ve indeed identified a startup crash on non-retina devices, have implemented a hot fix and are testing it now. We’ll post an update as soon as possible. We truly apologize for the inconvenience!

  4. Love this app, but the latest version (2.4) crashes on my iPad3 running iOS 8.2. So it may not actually be compatible with 8.2 (as stated in the description) or there is a bug. Reinstalled previous version (2.3.5) and runs fine. v 2.4 App launches but any interaction with the screen causes app to close.

    1. Hey Graham, no need to reach out, we figure out what is going on and fixed it. We’ve included it in the next update that also fixes support for non retina devices. That being said, if you have no specific reason to remain on 8.2, we strongly advise you to upgrade to iOS 9 for audio use. There have been changes on the hood that make a significant impact on the performance of your device compared to iOS 8.

      1. Thank you for being so prompt in your bug fixing guys/girls!

        You really do put a lot of other big name app companies to shame with your amazing products and superb customer service!

        Thanks again!

      2. Thanks for responding so quickly. I’ve stayed on 8.2 so I can continue to use my copy of Alchemy Mobile and manage all of my sound libraries with iFunBox. 8.3 and above does not allow access to the file directory. If anyone can tell me if Alchemy and all my sound libraries can be freshly installed under the latest version of iOS I’d be happy to update.

  5. Graham, when i bought an air 2 with ios 9 something on there, i was indeed afraid of alchemy, but it works on 9 and you can re-install the app from the previous purchase section in the app store … Hope this helps.

      1. Many devs including the Audiobus team say to update to 9.x (unless you have iOS 7.x)
        Unfortunately I think the end of the road is near for the 32 bit devices but iOS 9 is far superior to 8.

  6. I’m happy to report that this morning’s version (2.4.1) fixed the crashing issue I was having on iPad Gen 3! Thanks Moog! Now I just need to get the EG on my Micromoog working correctly again.

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