Mogees Keys Lets You Use Anything As Your Keyboard

mogees-keysMogees has introduced Mogees Keys, a new app for iOS, for Mogees Pro and Play owners.

Mogees Keys works with the Mogees sensor to let you create musical grooves and melodic sequences, using three different sound engines:

  • Muon: Mogees’ signature physical modelling resynthesiser
  • Scope: A realistic and dynamic steel string resonator
  • Chow: A classic FM synth

To use, you stick a Mogees Pro vibration sensor to any object, plug it into your iPhone, open the Mogees Keys app and convert the raw sound from the sensor into arpeggios or chord progressions.

Keys is also compatible with Audio Copy, Audiobus, and Inter-App Audio, allowing you to use it with other iOS music apps.

Here’s a video demo:

Here’s an overview of how it works:

Pricing and Availability

Mogees Keys is available, via the App Store, as a free download for all Mogees Pro and Mogees Play owners. Note: a Mogees account is required to first open the app. The Mogees sensor is available from Mogees or Amazon for US $129.99.

3 thoughts on “Mogees Keys Lets You Use Anything As Your Keyboard

    1. Wooo Neatooo.

      However please reconsider your strategy
      For including school education $trillion market.

      Make the App $7. Make it useable with any piezzo mic. You will sell Millions apps just to schools.

      Compare this with just a thousand or so Mogee mics sold , cost of making Mogee mic, supply chain costs, after sales support cost.

      Not to mention all the positive press, goodwill, uplift you all will feel from helping kids education.

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