Roland Intros TR-09 Rhythm Composer

Roland today introduced three new items in its Boutique line: the TR-09 Rhythm Composer, TB-03 Bass Line synthesizer and VP-03 Vocoder.

Each is designed to recreate the sound, interface, and operation of a classic Roland product. Powered by Roland’s advanced ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) technology, they also extend on the originals’ capabilities, adding enhanced features and modern connectivity.

The Roland TR-09 (Street $399) is designed to offer the power of Roland’s iconic TR-909 drum machine in a compact and affordable format.

Here’s the official video intro:

The Roland TR-09 recreates the hybrid sound of its predecessor using ACB tech, complete with the familiar 16-step TR-REC programming style and a choice of Step or Tap write modes.

The TR-09 also offers greater flexibility than the original, letting you fine-tune parameters and switch modes without interrupting beats.

It’s also designed for easy connectivity to external gear, with a choice of MIDI, USB, and trigger ports giving control over vintage analog synths, modular gear, and DAWs.

All three new Roland Boutique units run on 4 x AA batteries or USB bus power. Each module also includes a powered mini-speaker.


See the Roland site for more info.

19 thoughts on “Roland Intros TR-09 Rhythm Composer


    This 909 comparison video if the three 909s really shows how inferior sounding these newer emulations are. The sound gets crappier as you go down the line from the 909 to the TR-8 to the TR-09.

    The original sounds fuller, you really hear the difference in the snare with the TR-8 with thin shrillness, and the TR-09 sounds more muffled/lower/lo-fi. Does not make me want to buy these emulations.

    Can we please just get an analog 909 that sounds good?

  2. Cheap. Plastic. Trash.

    These will be forgotten about by the New Year. Like the rest of the Aira stuff. No lasting impact and a legendary synth legacy destroyed for good

    Roland have no clue

  3. 1!!! stereo out?? eesh we need 4 outs at least gotta separate that kick guys.
    as a house music producer I’m a little bummed fine for playing out in an informal setting I suppose. Does the usb port allow for separate outs???

    1. This is from the link above:

      “You can even send individual drums to separate channels, thanks to the TR-09’s four discrete outputs over USB.”

  4. Disgusting specimens of garbage. Watch that original TB-303 go up in price on ebay another $400 because of this, and the original 909 another $500. Meanwhile the “boutiques” will be all over ebay a year from now for less than half the street price, just like the Aira series and those MC series machines from the 90s.

    If you in any way shape or form think these are “almost as good” as analog you are WRONG and you need to remove yourself from the music business immediately. Get out. NOW.

  5. Love it. I have all the boutiques and ill be getting the news ones. I also have the Airas. AndI also have 16 Roland synths going back to 1983, at the moment.

  6. I have a Nava kit no done yet…and in the same year : TR09 and Drumbrute !
    what should I do, get the nava done or sell it not done and buy a Drumbrute or a tr09…what should you do ? Who has heard them all ? How is the nava compare with the drumbrute for example ? thanks guys

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