Roland System-8 Plug-out Synthesizer Demo

This video, via Gattobus, captures a demo of the new Roland System-8 Plug-Out Synthesizer.

The System-8 Plug-Out Synthesizer, a new polysynth, based on Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) circuit-modeling technology.

The System-8 can host and control up to three Roland Plug-Out software synthesizers, and new Jupiter-8 and Juno-106 Plug-Out synths are included with purchase.

Here’s what Gattobus has to say about the demo:

Here is the new Roland plug-out synthesizer: SYSTEM-8!

The song is a four bar loop, every part was recorded in real time with a BOSS RC-1 stomp. No external FXs were used. Recorded straight to audio interface.

I personally programmed all the sound patches that you hear in this video. I’m very excited to announce that you will find them among the factory programs and also on the Roland Axial website to download.

Pricing and Availability

The System-8 PLUG-OUT Synthesizer is priced at $1499 street. Availability is to be announced. See the Roland site for details.

35 thoughts on “Roland System-8 Plug-out Synthesizer Demo

    1. You know, those were my thoughts exactly. Synth sounds great, and it’s a really tasteful demo. I’ve been watching the new NI Machine demos this morning too and those are like getting punched in the ear drums. This one was very relaxing.

        1. Yep, OSC2 can be used as an LFO but then it’d probably be “How can you make a big synth with just one oscillator?” (if it were a Roland machine). We’ll see if the thing responds to aftertouch via MIDI.

          Mind, I agree that the lack of a second LFO (on both machines) is a shame. I just don’t think Roland needs to be singled out for it. Minilogue is a single LFO affair as well though you can use the motion sequencer to sort of extend that. Perhaps the System-8 has something similar via its sequencer?

          1. Yeah I see your point. They really should have AT on the keyboard though, but i don’t use it that much anyway, Sometimes I find myself arguing for features i don’t even really need. But hey, looking at the System 8 LFO specs on Roland’s site it mentions Dual LFO and Resonanced Pulse LFO variations!

    1. I was wondering the same thing. If anyone knows the answer, let us know! They said the current System-1 plug-outs will be available for the System-8 at a later date, which suggests some tweaking must be done between the two. I’m hoping they do the tweaking in both directions.

  1. I like the music from the demo, but the synth don’t. Don’t you thing its a very limited workflow? (only one LFO???), for that price range the VA market offer more multitimbral options, more modulation sources, morphings, aftertouch, more than 1 LFO. (only one LFO??? can’t believe that). I’m sure in the future Roland will get it.

  2. Hmmmm… we go again with the bloody ACD, VA tripe.
    Roland need to get rid of their marketing and r&d departments.
    Korg have listened to consumers whilst Roland have obviously not.

    I suspect though, that they might have invested waaaaaaaay too much time and $$$ on VA/ACB tech to turn back now dammit!

    Yeah it sounds nice (and the song? It’s absolutely fucking beautiful),
    but their 303 and 909 remakes are pointless.
    How hard would it have been for them to be analog.
    The 303 could have had 1; just fucking 1, measley analog voice so it would
    be a proper remake.

    All those other 303 clones/replica’s have done it better than even Roland!?!?!? This is absurd!!!!!

    Roland’s last synths; the JDXA/i, are amazing so i was assuming these new machines would be proper remakes instead of V bloody A!!!!!
    VA’s/ACB’s time is over.
    Korg listen. Roland don’t.

    Go back to the drawing board Roland. Do it properly.
    Screw plug outs.
    The world desires proper remakes of Jupiter, Juno, JX, SH, even vintage digital – D50

    1. You’re a bit on the agressive side Jake. And a bit unrealistic to tell us what the world desires.
      Currently there are so many affordable synths in a large variety available. It does not make sense to shout that you don’t like this or that, nor is it of any particular interest to the world.
      Just take some time to reflect on what you really need or want and go for that. Other people are free to make the same or a different choice.
      And above all, when you have your gear start making your music. None of the many synths out there will do that for you.

      1. yeah thats all fine, but more 303 and 909 remakes that aren’t analog?
        Just doesnt make sense.
        Can you imagine if they remade the D50 but with analog osc’s?
        That’s what i’m getting at here.
        Man, i’d love a new 303 or 909 at these prices, and i would assume they could have
        still done it at these prices with analog voices.
        Hey, i’m not the only one.
        Other people have put out replica’s/clones of the 303 and beaten Roland to it,
        with a much more faithful remake.

  3. Love everything about this except yet again, we have no after touch!!! Come on Roland, stop this nonsense. As a live player after touch is essential for me, this would have been perfect put that is a deal breaker. And before anyone says use a foot pedal, I already use 6!! I can’t levitate you know! I shouldn’t need another pedal to create filter sweeps or bring in modulation on a synth that should have had such an essential feature from the start. Such a shame!

  4. Gives a good first impression of the sound capabilities of this synth. I don’t know the system 1 sounds, but in principle I guess this video could also have been made with a system 1 and any loop station. It will be nice to experience whether there are more differences between system 1 and system 8 than just the number of voices.

  5. Has anybody seen this at $1,499 anywhere? I’m in Australia and distributors here are asking $2,499. Big markup or error at the top of this page?

    1. storedj has it advertised at 2499…I doubt it’s a mistake, it’s the usual exchange rate and import duty thing. At least it’s making the Matrixbrute seem much more reasonable for 2999.

      1. I agree. I have a lot of “Roland” sounds….. even if the Matrixbrute is critisiced for it’s tone…. at least it’s a tone I don’t have in my setup.

    2. 1499 USD converts to 2140AUD. Add GST and you’re at $2,355AUD. This gives you $150 left for shipping, GST on shipping, customs, insurance, warehousing, and warranty costs. I think $2,499 is a fair translation of pricing.

  6. “Preloaded JUNO-106 is scheduled for release in 2017 by SYSTEM-8 update”

    Well after reading this I wont be rushing out and buying it straight away, maybe after Christmas

  7. JD-XA was the best synthesiser Roland released in years. System 8 however is not. One for the bedroom Noodlers who can’t hear the difference between real and fake analogue only. Digital is great but not when it’s faking analogue. Pointless. And 1 LFO is a joke. JDXA has minimum 3 Inc mod LFO with wheel completely independent… And up to 24 LFOs in stacked mono mode! Sounds great too unlike system 8

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