16 thoughts on “Roland TR-09 & TB-03 Unboxing & Demo

  1. I was afraid Roland will cause me some serious GAS yesterday, but I am good. 🙂 And I already have System-1 and ACB is seriously good, it really is.

  2. Battery powered 303 and 909 type acid boxes,
    Super fun! Count me in.

    I seriously don’t understand why this site is filled
    With such negativity. If you don’t like it don’t buy it but why do you have to rain on everyone else’s parade. The world is filled with enough Negativity, can’t we just appreciate all the awesome fun toys that all these companies are releasing?

    I’ve got an idea for all the complainers, make your own damn synths and try selling them, then I’ll take your complaints a bit more seriously.

  3. Original price of the 303 in the 80’s was $395 USD, with the lower cost of analog circuitry these days it really blows my mind why Roland chose to go digital.

    1. Because digital costs even less. The tb03 should cost 200€. With 395$ you can buy something analog with lot more features. MB33 Retro is 140€.

  4. So, the tanzbar lite is pure analog, allows for modulation recording, has about four separate outputs and is still cheaper than this. Sound crazy right?

  5. I like the idea of a boutique 303 with a tiny speaker. Perfect for annoying my wife on the couch.!
    I’d be interested to compare it side by side with my tt-303, bassbot. See if it can get that same hard acid squelch.

  6. I think its great that Roland has been active with Analogue and Modelling technology. This is not for me but it paves the way for future products
    (i hope more analogue in the future)

  7. THESE guys think they are hilarious and entertaining and they are not. Less camera time watching their stupid heads bob, and more time looking at the device would be nice.

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