Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 Sampler Hands-On Demo

This video, via Bonedo, demonstrates the Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 with a live jam, showing the workflow and different parameters of Pioneer DJ’s sampler and step sequencer.

At Musikmesse 2016, Pioneer DJ announced the Toraiz SP-16 sampler – a collaboration with Dave Smith Instruments.

The sampler features an touch screen and layout, 16 sampler engines, analog filters based on Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6 synthesizer and quantize via Pro DJ Link.

Pricing and Availability

The Toraiz SP-16 is available now, with a street price of US $1,499. For more information, check out the Pioneer DJ site.


19 thoughts on “Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 Sampler Hands-On Demo

  1. 16 sampler engines? Each sample gets its own engine, multi FX and filtering?

    And they have 6 videos on the website, none of them touch on sampling. Pretty weird. Seems like a sample groovebox and not an actual sampler with sampling capabilities. I could dig deeper but its shouldnt be that hard to find out of a Sampler actually samples. Could just be a sampler player.

  2. Touch screen doesn’t seem to respond well, unless the guy has zombie-fingers.
    This is a strange product.
    Maybe it would have been great 10-years ago, but I don’t see its relevance on the current market.

  3. It looks like it might be quick to make music with and hopefully those pads are good for drumming. I cannot wait to mess with one and see. Hardly a volca sample. I have one and they are awesome but this is not at all that in many ways.

  4. Reading the Manual…super simple, it is really like an standalone MPC from the future… yeah, OF COURSE YOU CAN SAMPLE trough the audio inputs. I am down man. I am almost giving my moola. I am surprised that AKAI didn’t release something like this… The Manual is online.

  5. the best thing about octatrack is the castanet style buttons. these look vastly inferior. seems like a interesting groovebox. touch screens are the future. pity dave smith had to stick a grand on it tho

  6. The Toraiz is at the beginning of its production life and has great scope for improvement. The sound quality is excellent and once the firmware updates start coming will have more potential. (midi sequencing,more effects etc).
    Pioneer are listening to their users also and considering every suggestion and complaint. I have started a FB page for users to share ideas and get involved.

  7. Seems to me like the MPC1000 did more stuff for less money. While synthesizers are enjoying a great renaissance, samplers are dying a slow death.

  8. Funny to me that the akai samplers are moving like crazy on ebay. I mean LIKE CRAZY. If you troll ebay lik eme, you will see tons of 2000’s 2000XL’s, 2500 and 5000’s on and off ebay each day or auction period. YET! Akai fails to even consider the potential of updating the mpc for the modern world untethered to a computer. They have all the market research of the current trends and possible enhancements to the MPC line yet we keep getting MPC studios and MPC touches to promote their weird software.

    Maybe they are in the business of becoming Native Instruments where you but a Maschine Studio, then have to drop an extra 600.00 for some plugins. OR Reason and their Rack Extension market.

    No one wants to do belly to belly sales anymore. Sell me this, I have it now, done. Its all about the “after money”. You buy a TR-08, then have to drop 100 bucks for new sounds. For a pack of 10-12 drum sounds. True story.

    Maybe its just because I received my MPC 1000 from ebay today and I know how far I can take this one machine without expansions but its starting to feel like a rip off to buy music gear now.

    1. Congratulations. 2 tips:

      1. Set the velocity so you don’t have to hit the pads too hard.

      2. Set the instruments to different pads for each new song.

      I had 2 pads go bad on mine (the pads I ALWAYS used for kick and snare). I bought the pad upgrade from MPCstuff and it just shorted my machine. Every time I pushed any pad it would reboot.

      It was my favorite piece of music equipment I ever owned while it lasted, though. Just wish it was a hair more durable.

      1. Sorry to hear that. This isnt my first rodeo but I’ve had issues with an mpc in the past. Had a 5000, put the pad sensor upgrade and thick pads from mpcstuff, everything was fine. One of the faders i used to set the start point when i was chopping and editing was a little touchy but nothing to freak out about. You gotta imagine how much pressure your using with your mpc over time. They aint tanks but pretty close compared to other pads ive used in the past. And those were built before the awesome pads of the Maschine and Push. Still, when your the one with a bricked MPC, thats not a good argument so I feel you. This new MPC1000 has one pad that not too responsive, probably going to upgrade the pads anyways but it was like 300 bucks.

  9. Looks like it borrowed a lot of ideas from elektron sequencers (plocks, up to 64 steps), which is great.

    I own an octatrack but this may make me sell it. That big touchscreen should make tweaking a lot of things easier than learning the OT’s 1000 konami code.

    Having one analog master filter is a great idea assuming there are digital filter effects for each channel as well.

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