n-Track Studio Multitrack Recorder 8 For iOS & Android


n-Track has introduced Studio 8, a new mobile DAW for iOS & Android.

Studio 8 lets you record and play back a virtually unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks, mix them, add effects and more.

The app is a free download, but a subscription is required for advanced features. 

Studio 8 Video Intro:

Main Features:

  • Stereo and mono audio tracks
  • Virtually unlimited number of tracks (max 11 tracks without in-app purchases)
  • Group and Aux channels
  • MIDI tracks with builtin synth featuring 128 General MIDI instrument sounds
  • Pianoroll MIDI editor
  • Step Sequencer
  • On-screen MIDI keyboard
  • EQ with 2D and 3D Spectrum analyzer + chromatic tuner*
  • Import existing tracks from your iTunes library
  • Reverb, Echo, Chorus+Flanger, Tremolo, Pitch Shift, Phaser, – Tube-Amp and Compression effects can be added to any track and master channel*
  • Automate track volumes and pan using volume and pan envelopes
  • Supports the new AudioUnit plug-in standard: open 3rd party effects and instruments inside the app, without switching to another app*
  • Audiobus input and output: you can send audio from other apps to n-Track, play your favorite instrument app and record the output inside n-Track alongside the device mic/line input. Each Audiobus app can be recorded to a separate track*
  • Interapp audio: receive audio from instrument apps, use other apps as effects or host n-Track inside another app*
  • Share your recordings on Facebook
  • Collaborate to create music with other musicians with the integrated Songtree online music making community
  • Quick one touch drums and bass grooves tracks
  • Built-in metronome

Advanced Features:

  • 64 bit double precision floating point audio engine*
    Internal audio routing
  • Support for multichannel external audio devices on the iPad: record 4 or more tracks simultaneously from pro-audio devices such as the RME Babyface, Fireface, Focusrite Scarlett etc.
  • Support for multiple audio output when using compatible USB devices*
  • Record 16, 24 or 32 bits audio files*
  • Set sampling frequency up to 192 kHz (frequencies above 48 kHz require an external audio device)
  • Sync with other apps or external devices using MIDI clock and MTC sync, master & slave*
  • Choose microphone on multi-mic devices and set microphone polar pattern (e.g. cardiod, omnidirectional)
  • Allows monitoring and processing live audio input with near-zero latency
  • AudioCopy 2.0 allows transferring audio files between compatible apps
  • Support for DropBox and SoundCloud
  • MIDI input monitoring

Pricing and Availability

n-Track Studio Multitrack Recorder 8 is available as a free download for iOS and Android.

Some features require one of the two available in-app subscriptions levels:

Standard edition:

  • Price: $0.99/month
  • What you get:
    • Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks (Free edition is limited to 8 audio tracks, 1 MIDI track and 2 step-sequencer tracks)
    • Unlocks all the available effects (Free edition has Reverb, Compression, Echo and Chorus)
    • Unlimited number of effects per channel (Free editon has up to 2)

Pro edition:

  • Price: $1.99/month
  • What you get:
    • 64 bit audio engine
    • Export in 32 and 64 bit uncompressed (wav) format (the Free and Standard edition are limited to 16 or 24 bit wav)
    • 3D frequency spectrum view

11 thoughts on “n-Track Studio Multitrack Recorder 8 For iOS & Android

  1. hmm
    strange pricing setup, although if you were not going to use for a few months.
    but it looks like the model that microsoft has been using, great for business standpoint, but for individual use I can’t see it

  2. This ups the pressure on Apple to come out with Logic for iOS. My first Mac with Logic was a lot less powerful than today’s phones. It was a G5 iMac with 512MB of RAM that I eventually upgrated to 1GB, and other people were running Logic on laptops that were G4. I don’t know how the G5’s altivec SIMD unit compares to modern Apple mobile processors.

  3. This is only usable if you need it for a month or so. Imagine paying $1.99 a month for a year so you can import/export WAV files. You’re better off just getting Auria.

  4. This review does not mention, that you can subscribe for the standard edition with $0,99 monthly, the PRO edition with $1,99 monthly OR you can just BUY the program for ca. $30 and have it for all times!

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