Roland System-8 Synthesizer Demo Videos

Roland has shared this set of videos, demonstrating their new System-8 synthesizer.

The System-8 can host and control up to three Roland Plug-Out software synthesizers, and new Jupiter-8 and Juno-106 Plug-Out synths are included with purchase.

Pricing and Availability

The System-8 PLUG-OUT Synthesizer is priced at $1499 street. See the Roland site for details.

21 thoughts on “Roland System-8 Synthesizer Demo Videos

  1. This looks like an amazing piece of hardware. People will criticize this synth for not being analogue. Most people dont really understand what digital vs analogue means, which is fine. For sound purposes, its not that important to understand the science behind this. What IS important to understand is that “analogue” has become a marketing term. Its kind of like how “gluten free” has become a marketing term for the food industry. Companies will create gluten free products so that they can put that on the packaging and people will buy it. People who have no idea what gluten is except that they read somewhere that its the healthy thing to do so they go for it. People hold on to 5 year old old arguments about why analogue vs digital that dont really hold truth anymore. By the way, most of the gear i own is analogue. I love it but i’ve also learned a few things here and there. Im happy we live in a time where both technologies can thrive. I guess my point is that Roland is being the rebel here. They are the misfits here.

    1. I don’t personally have much faith in Roland’s ‘virtual’ analog of recent years. I currently own a TR-8, TB-3, JP-08, JU-06 and JX-03. I have previously owned a JP-8000, JP-8080 and System-1m.

      I LOVE my TR-8 and like my TB-3 enough to have pre-ordered the TB-03 to replace it. My Boutique series is currently all boxed up and ready for eBay. While they generally sound good, they all have aliasing in the upper register and just sound kinda sterile. The System-1m aliasing was so bad I send that sucker back a day after receiving it.

      I currently own a Kiwi-103, MKS-70, Alpha Juno 2 and XOXBOX and IMO, the Boutique (and System-1m) don’t hold a candle to the real thing. There is just something missing. Maybe it’s placebo, maybe not. For me it’s not a digital vs analog thing. It’s a ‘virtual’ analog vs analog thing. I have other VA’s and VSTs that I think sound great, but I don’t think they sound like real analog. I also have a DX7IIFD, TX-802 and TX81Z that you would have to pry out of my cold dead hands.

      Anyway, my original point is that Roland has continued to disappoint me with regard to their polyphonic virtual analog in recent years. I’m left incredulous that a company with such expertise in synthesis would allow that kind of aural defect to make it to production. Especially allowing it repeatedly in successive products. It just blows my mind…

  2. I’m interested in a used one. I figure there will be many purists that will get one and then complain that it doesn’t sound like the ‘real’ thing, and then I could save a few bucks in the meantime. Hope it will work with the MX-1 mixer;)

  3. I really don’t know. So much hype around so many new releases. It seems to me only time will tell wheter we have a modern calssic or a total dud. ie. Deepmind. Arturia Matrixbrute…… etc etc tea…..

  4. listen some demo, bah not sehr interessant except pads which most synth can do
    as said a clever comment in one another site ” take a DAW and a roland A500 pro”

  5. Anyone know; FOR CERTAIN, not just a whimsical guess, if the SYSTEM-8 versions of JU-06 and the JP-08 have the exact same patches as those found within the boutiques?

  6. Sounds pretty good, but I don’t think it’s gonna replace my NL4 just yet… just wished my Nord had some of these effects and filters…

  7. I understand they have to keep the price low but I think by now, all new (digital) synths should have a color touchscreen to ease the menu diving stuff like this. In that respect, the Deepmind offer (with the wireless ipad editor, assuming it works as advertised) is a very good compromise.

    I think this is a very good idea and it would be a fantastic one if it had the possibility to admit third party “plugouts”. Roland could limit the development of “roland legacy synths plug outs” to themselves and open the platform for others to develop new synths (or models of non-Roland old synths) with their hardware requirements. Like apple with iOS apps.

    Ok, time to wake up.

  8. I can’t believe some are saying this is “expensive”.

    My first synth – a Roland SH-1 was $565 new. My first poly was the Ensoniq ESQ-1 which ran me around $1200 new.

    This thing sounds great and is a steal at the price.

  9. Thank You Roland for great demos. So many times manufacturers put out demos that are totally worthless. This one is very good. Great machine with worthwhile options and a great sound. Good price too.

  10. Why no aftertouch Roland?
    I like it, but I will wait for the Module (System 8m?) as the keyboard would be dead space for me. As a module at say 699 it mat be a real tempter….

  11. So far I’m not all that impressed. I’ll try it out in person, but right now it doesn’t look or sound like its worth it. Only 8 voices. Why only one lfo? No aftertouch? I don’t care that it’s digital. It just doesn’t seem 1500$ impressive.

  12. Some people need gluten free food, hence why they really make it. If you had the choice, you would not eat it and you obviously never have. You also didn’t even know what you were talking about there….

  13. You’re talkin’ some sense there Holmes, I completely agree. This whole analog craze/revival thing is really beginning to get rather dull. The reality is that while other companies are busy focusing on analog hardware, Roland are racing way ahead with their ACB technology. Too bad most people don’t see it. I think the System 8 is incredible and I’m really looking forward to buying one.

  14. because it is digital i don´t understand the limit re polyphony and multitimbrality. something´s fishy there. wait only one more year and you can get a Fantom Ultra with
    – 16-part-multitimbrality
    – 128-part polyphony
    – the same ACB sound sets (plus Jupiter-6, D-50, Juno-6/60 etc.)
    for under 2 grand.

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