KMI Blows Through BopPad Kickstarter ‘Stretch Goal’, Decides To Go Bigger

Earlier this month, Keith McMillen Instruments introduced the BopPad expressive electronic drum pad controller (demoed above by Living Colour’s Will Calhoun) and launched a KickStarter project to produce it.

After being covered here and other electronic music gear sites, the BopPad KickStarter met its $30,000 funding goal and even blew past its $100,000 ‘stretch goal’.

So, now KMI has announced a new stretch goal – with a strange target.

KMI’s Tom Ferguson let us know the details:

It turns out we hit our stretch goal of $100k faster than we’d thought! So, having unlocked the full MIDI hardware compatibility, we’ve announced a new stretch goal of $165,914.

It’s a funny amount to set as a goal, but it’s what we raised with the QuNeo campaign and we want to break our record.

If we hit that stretch goal, every Kickstarter BopPad will ship with a custom BopPad mounting basket, so that it can easily be mounted on a stand.

You can find out details of the campaign at the project site.

KMI also shared this video, in which Keith McMillen explains the ‘smart fabric’ technology that is behind the BobPad and their other controllers:

2 thoughts on “KMI Blows Through BopPad Kickstarter ‘Stretch Goal’, Decides To Go Bigger

  1. 6 days left and then raising the goal with 60K more while it took like more than 2 weeks to reach the 100K goal and the funding had almost come to a stand still. Not sure what KMI has been smoking.

  2. get a 3d printed custom bracket made ,should of had a mounting bracket as standard .

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