Goodhertz Wow Control Brings Old-School Analog Recording ‘Flaws’ To Your Mac


Goodhertz has introduced Wow Control, a new audio effect for OS X that essentially brings old-school analog recording flaws to your DAW.

Why? Those ‘flaws’ are part of what made old analog recordings interesting. 

Anyone who’s put on a warped record has heard their music bend and wobble as it moves unevenly under the stylus. Similarly, if a tape player reel, capstan, or pinch-roller doesn’t spin smoothly (or isn’t perfectly round) the tape will speed up and slow down under the repro head.

The speed of this movement directly correlates with the pitch of the audio: moving the media too quickly sounds high pitched, while moving it too slowly sounds low pitched. These continuous pitch changes, exhibited by all turntables and tape machines (to some degree), are called wow & flutter.

Goodhertz set out to accurately capture the essence of three tape machines, spanning three decades: every noise, every wobble, & every harmonic. They call Wow Control “the most comprehensive analog tape model we’ve ever heard.”

Used gently, it can breathe a little life or movement into individual mix elements or bring color and richness to an entire master. At its extreme settings, it will bend and distort anything that it touches.

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Extremely high quality wow & flutter (+ HQ Mode for even better performance)
  • Massive pitch range with expressive shape control
  • Controllable speeds, beat-syncing, phase, & stereo phas
  • Analog tape section with three modes: 15 IPS, 7.5 IPS, Cassette
  • Advanced, meticulously-modeled magnetic tape coloration & saturation
  • Random section for more complex, nonuniform modulations (Advanced)

Pricing and Availability

Wow Control is available now for Mac (AU/AAX) for US $129.

12 thoughts on “Goodhertz Wow Control Brings Old-School Analog Recording ‘Flaws’ To Your Mac

  1. Wow. I was interested…right up until I saw the price. I mean, $129? Seriously? For a plugin whose entire purpose is to theoretically make your music sound less perfect? Oh, the irony…

  2. Hmm. Not a plugin, I don’t think, more of a music player “enhancement” add on, for a lotta addon bucks. There are some nice analog type plugins out there that are cheaper, and made to plug in to your DAW. This strikes me as a $12 Plugin Boutique novelty one trick pony plugin at best, without the plugin part…

  3. Oops, I was way wrong. It is a plugin, and appears capable of doing a lot more than the demo video suggests. Checked out more info on Logic Pro Expert site…15 day trial…

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