The Division 6 Business Card Step Sequencer


At the Knobcon 2016 synthesizer convention, Scott Rise of Division 6 gave out his business card, above, which is a PCB for making a DIY step sequencer.

The business cards/boards for the little sequencer, which can also be used as a tiny keyboard, were handed out to everybody who attended Knobcon 2016.

Here’s an example of the business card sequencer in action:

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Pricing and Availability

Division 6 has a parts kit at their site for US $25 and a kit with the board and parts for $35, along with info for DIY’ers.

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7 thoughts on “The Division 6 Business Card Step Sequencer

    1. Yes, the two jacks on the right are CV and gate, the jacks on the left are power and clock in.

      If you order the parts from their site and it comes with version 1.1 it has an internal clock until you plug something into the clock in jack.

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