ACPAD Brings Bluetooth MIDI To Windows 10

ACPAD, makers of a wireless MIDI controller for acoustic guitars, has announced that they are bringing Bluetooth MIDI support to Windows 10:

We are happy to announce the launch of our Windows Wireless MIDI application which helps you connect your ACPAD wirelessly over Bluetooth 4.0 in the latest Windows 10.

Until now, wireless MIDI products in the market have only catered to the macOS and iOS communities. When we set out to build ACPAD, we wanted to disrupt MIDI music industry. We wanted to make sure that each and every person who gets an ACPAD would be able to use all the features in their favorite operating system without having to make a switch from Windows to MacOS. Industry has ignored Windows users for far too long.

We are glad to reveal that our software team’s research and development has finally paid off and ACPAD is currently the only company in the market to provide ultra-low latency wireless MIDI on Windows 10 platform without any external hardware.

A big shout out to our software developer, Deepak Kumar, whose hard work has finally made it possible for all our users to use Wireless MIDI in Windows 10. You will be able to download the software from our website when we start shipping out ACPADs. If there is enough demand ACPAD may be looking at offering this general purpose application for use on all MIDI controllers.

Here’s a demo of the ACPAD controller in action:

Pricing and Availability

The ACPAD is being developed via a Kickstarter campaign. It’s available to preorder for € 269, with an expected ship date of Nov 2016.

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