Corsynth Intros Dotcom-Compatible Dual VCA

corsynth-dual-vcaCorsynth has introduced the C108 Dual VCA – a dual voltage-controlled amplifier, that offers selectable linear and exponential response in a single width module.

The C108’s VCAs are not only attenuators, they can also boost the input signal. Using the initial gain potentiometer and a five volts CV signal, the VCA has a maximum gain of 2 (a bit more in exponential mode). This is useful for signal processing or to boost external signals.

Each VCA features :

  • A signal input.
  • An initial gain control.
  • A voltage control input with a level potentiometer.
  • A switch to select linear or exponential response.
  • An output.

Pricing and Availability

The C108 Dual VCA is available now for €185.00.

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