Deluge Sequencer, Synthesizer + Sampler Launching Oct 25


Synthstrom Audio has announced that they will be launching the new Deluge sequencer/synthesizer/sampler Oct 22 at an event in Auckland, NZ, followed by a full web launch on Oct 25. 

The Deluge is a portable, combination synthesizer, sequencer and sampler that’s designed to let you create and perform electronic music computer-free.

Developed by Synthstrom’s Rohan Hill, the Deluge features 128 RGB pads, arranged in a 16 x 8 grid; a built-in synthesizer; up to 12 minutes of sample playback from SD card; and sequencing of up to thousands of notes.

The Deluge Launch Party, being held at Golden Dawn, Auckland, will feature twenty 4-minute performances by participants from all walks of life in the music industry. Details on the launch are available at the event’s Facebook page.

Full details are to come Oct 25.

36 thoughts on “Deluge Sequencer, Synthesizer + Sampler Launching Oct 25

  1. Looks cool but you have a 1 page website, no videos and a review from, no showroom video demos and a full launch party. I think its another KDJ-One but maybe he will figure it out since distribution and marketing are pretty importing if you want to compete.

      1. If I can put a picture of my face, list my waist and shoe size then post a link to my Facebook page Party and think thats adequate marketing then your right. It’s like a kickstarter with no campaign info, see how far that gets you. Ultimately I’d like to know more, maybe they will do some marketing:)

        1. People are criticizing your post, but you are right and your advice is good advice to this guy. They are acting like he’s a teen making it in his bedroom on a shoestring. That may be true, but that makes the situation look much worse. Bedroom producers are Ok to buy CDs from, and maybe software, but hardware is different. How is he going to provide customer service, support and repairs? Is the device legally certified for use in various countries, does it have UL and FCC certifications? These can be costly to obtain. A teenaged bedroom producer with a facebook page is unlikely to have these things, if that’s all it is.

          Also, facebook product pages don’t work for those who block facebook. Got to get a real web page.

          1. At least read the headline, guys. Try sounding it out slowly. Or just look at the photo.

            They’re launching Oct 25 – which is next week – and they’ll have videos, audio demos, specs, etc then.

            “But they’re teenage noooooobs!”

            1. Who is this “they”? I’m countering the claims that they can’t have a web page because it’s “one guy in his bedroom” on a remote island who made it. People are harassing “Handsome Randy” who made good points. Rather than respond to his points, they criticize Randy and say the device is made by one guy in his bedroom. What sort of response is that.

              I seriously doubt it’s just one guy in his bedroom. If it is, that explains why no web site link. But it also means there’s the problems I describe.

              I don’t think there really is just one guy in his bedroom.

              I also don’t think there’s not a web site that’s not just a Facebook page.

              But all we are given is a link to a Facebook page.

              Here’s the non-Facebook web site with an extensive feature list.


              Funny how hard it was for anyone to link to that instead of Facebook, or give as a response to the inquiries about a real feature list or web page. “People” with handles never-before-seen on Synthtopia but who seem to have inside info would rather make snide comments.

              Well, here we have it, a useful comment with a real link for everyone.

              1. I was at an event (here in NZ) a couple of months ago where he demonstrated the smaller prototype model mentioned elsewhere in this thread. He may not have much media online atm but you’ll just have to trust me, this thing is legit

    1. It’s made in New Zealand by one guy in his bedroom not a multi national corporation. By the way this is the first time a product such as a drum machine or synth has been made in N.Z.

  2. I have been using samplers for over twenty five years, I hope this has eight outputs .
    My mpc is tired out and a new sampler for me needs eight outs to make it of use. This looks like a great product and I respect all some small manufacturers for having the passion to fetch new products to the market. I hope this is a success.

  3. Okay, nothing to hear yet. But it is enough to let us believe it could be interesting right?

    In the end it is about what it can do. We will know later then. I myself own a Circuit so if Deluge has more capabilities: larger step patterns/more midi cap – outputs / recording automation etc.

    Let us wait and see ????

  4. Looks intriguing. I’m curious what kind of things it can do with sequencing & samples, if it can go beyond placing one-shot samples on a (strict) grid. IMHO part of creating music “computer free”, is being able to put things off the grid, micro edit sequence so it’s more organic.

    Anyway I wish all the best to a first NZ electronic instrument producers!

    1. > Looks intriguing.

      WHAT? are you kiddin? it has no display, for god´s sake! therefore i won´t buy it. the mc-808 had a least a tiny one. laughabe LED´s don´t count as a display.

      1. There is enough buttons(think pixels) to display numbers, like on old lcd screens. With rgb leds it can display a lot of musical data in various manners. Its matter of design, not if its possible.

        We need to see a demo of its UI in action to judge it.

  5. Face palm moment….

    Peeps complaining about not having a demo!!!!

    How about reading the statement to the bit about ‘launching 22nd’ it also mentions a full website launch on the 25th

    Do people not read?
    It would seem fairly obvious that a demo will available from then

    1. Yes, I can read. Yes, obviously a demo will be released at launch. I still find it strange and off putting as a consumer that an ad for an item which generates and manipulates sound, wouldn’t demonstrate said sound. Whenever a piece of gear is presented like this (no sound demos before release), the forthcoming sound is usually disappointing.

    2. Keep in mind man, this is 2016. This isn’t the Roland 909 release where you see it in a magazine as a still image. People are complaining about not having a demo because a demo is now the go-to for any bit of hardware marketing. Without it, it doesnt look as legit as all the other products that release a teaser with at least a sound clip, 30 second video, etc. Even elektron had that weird foggy video before they surprised us with the Analog Heat.

      I’m actually finding it funny at the people complaining about the people complaining about no demo. Like we all dont want to see what this thing can do. There is always another side. Red vs Blue, This team vs that team, The people who like hardware and would like to see a demonstration vs those who dont mind weak teasers because they are patient enough to wait for the somehow obvious demo that is soon to come.

      FYI- I did read all the statements and it does say that the demo will be performed by people who dont have much knowledge of the product so thats not really a demo, or at least not a good release one. I’m sure we will have more information shortly but it would be the same as if I didnt have this info right now, right?

  6. this is going to be very intersting – i hope they stream the Launch, i want to see people making making music with it after getting a 5 minute introduction 😉

    1. 12 min mono in RAM (64MB). If it really does stream from SD, then that would be a separate thing.

      Not nearly enough details to be able to judge anything yet, though I will say with small-run productions, open-source would be the way to go.

  7. Yey!!! It looks sweet!

    Depending on the price, I might go for it just for the sequencer alone.

    I would have bought Matrix Brute, if it had more than a bloody 1 track.


    I have:
    1. Sequentix Cirklon
    2. Three Future Retro Orbs
    3. Two Arturia Beatstep Pros
    4. Misa Digital NSC-32
    5. Koma Komplex
    6. LOTS of modular sequencers in both Eurorack and Moog format

    Really. Stop.

    I have a problem.

    1. Awww man, I totally saw that a while back. So its those guys. They released an image of a guy holding it and thats it. Couldn’t find a link or a closer image. Just a dude holding the hardware like those rappers who all posed with the MPC.

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