Umlaut Audio Releases uBEAT Drum Loop Library

Umlaut Audio has released a new drum loop library, uBEAT, for Native Instrument’s Kontakt software.

Combining a traditional MIDI file library with an eight-pad drum machine-style instrument, Umlaut developers say uBEAT offers “an intuitive workflow and three distinctive styles” to choose from – modern hip-hop, “pulsating” electro and “genre-bending” hybrid.

uBEAT Product Highlights:

  • Dynamic MIDI loop library with an eight-pad drum machine-style workflow.
  • 45 preset kits and 90 MIDI loops per instrument.
  • MIDI drag and drop functionality with a dedicated file browser for MIDI loops.
  • 1 GB sample library and 700+ individual hits (Bundle), with all sounds categorized by sound type.
  • Color-coded drum pads for easy visual grouping of sounds.
  • Built-in help view for quick reference of instrument features.
  • Instant customization of preset kits by swapping out sounds with others in the same category.
  • Production-ready factory presets.
  • Unique FX Chain setup with eight separate FX Chains, Global FX and Send FX.
  • Conforms to NI’s Native Kontrol Standard (NKS)

“We’re really excited about uBEAT because of its versatility,” remarks Anne Juenger, co-founder and COO of Umlaut Audio. “For example, a composer can use it to create high-quality beats in a time crunch, or a producer can really dig into playing with all its settings to make something completely original.”

Pricing and Availability. Umlaut Audio’s uBEAT Hip-Hop, uBEAT Hybrid and uBEAT Elektro drum loop libraries for Kontakt are sold separately for $99 each, or together as the uBEAT Bundle for $199. For more information, or to purchase, visit the Umlaut Audio website.Save


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