Discussing The DrumBrute With Glen Darcey Of Arturia

The latest episode of Corry Banks’ BeatPPL video podcast features special guest Glen Darcey of Arturia, discussing the new DrumBrute analog drum machine. 

Glen Darcey is the Vice President of Product Management at Arturia. He’s responsible for coming up with new products and in the podcast, he talks about the origin of the DrumBrute and shares the story of how it was developed.

Previously, Darcey helped developed a wide variety of devices, including the APC 40, the MPC 5000 and Arturia’s ‘Brute line of synthesizers.

Other guests include Flux 302 & Upright.

6 thoughts on “Discussing The DrumBrute With Glen Darcey Of Arturia

  1. One cool bit: Glen said the clap sound is made from three different gate triggers. To me, perhaps optimistically, that sounds like it could be adjusted via firmware update. Or maybe even configurable via the MIDI Control Center.

    Also, according to Glen: the same engineer did the sequencers for the DB, BS and BSP. Between now and the end of the year, he’s going to be tasked with doing updates on the BS and BSP before moving ‘on to the next project’.

  2. Possibly sweet side effect from the DrumBrute having all of those 1/8″ outputs: increases the chances we’ll see a nice little mixer with 1/8″ inputs for this, volcas, POs, etc.

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