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simon-iddolFree Music Friday: DJ and music blogger Simon Iddol shared this mix, a hybrid DJ set / live show, that he says is ‘created as a tribute to timeless electronica’.

The mix, which premiered on Radio FM4’s Liquid Radio, pairs classic Tangerine Dream tracks with contemporary tracks.

You can listen to or download the mix via the embed below, or via Iddol’s Soundcloud page:

Here’s what Iddol has to say about the mix:

this is a mixtape. Tangerine Dream tracks back to back with contemporary modern tunes. Balearic, hip hop, deep house or even techno tracks slowed down, chopped and layered with classic Tangerine Dream songs.

the story started on my 10th anniversary party when I invited friends to DJ with me. GG, my ex-manager and the biggest Tangerine Deam fan I know, did ta classic electronica warmup, but he is not a DJ so I promised to be in the booth with him and I started to put beats under the the Tangerine Dream songs he played. It sounded wicked so I decided to do it properly.

This mix was aired on Radio FM4’s Liquid Radio show and now I uploaded it to the world, who had no chance to listen it live on FM4.

I also made a live act dj set hybrid out of this, the samples and loops are lined up in my Ableton, I mix them with a Roland MX-1 and I put extra drums into the mix from a Roland TR-8. It gets a deeper, more improvisative and experimental vibe when I play this live. A live video stream will happen soon.

SOURCES (in the order of appearance):

01 Tangerine Dream – Too Hot For My Chinchilla
02 Krystian Shek – (Israfil Where The Blood Forever Rains)
03 Tangerine Dream – Alexander Square
04 Portishead – SOS (Theatre Of Delays remix)
05 Tangerine Dream – Wallraff’s Theme
06 Slow Hands & Tanner Ross – Memories of Mallorca
07 Tangerine Dream – Teetering Scales
08 Rob Hanton – Bongos n shit
09 Tangerine Dream – Flashflood
10 Krystian Shek – Champagne Bubble Bath
11 Tangerine Dream – La Marche
12 Krystian Shek – From Russia With Love
13 Tangerine Dream – One Night In Space
14 Gioumourtzina – Chinese Battleship (NTEIBINT remix)
15 Tangerine Dream – Towards The Evening Star
16 PUZZLE – Comedown (Herbert’s Afterdays Mix)
17 Tangerine Dream – Midnight In Tula
18 Robot Koch – Eclipse feat. Julien Marchal (Dnte Remix)
19 Tangerine Dream – Meta Morph Magic
20 WhoMadeWho – Ember
21 Tangerine Dream – Choronzon
22 Editors – Our Love (Solomun Remix)

5 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream reLOADED

  1. I have had an on and off love relationship with TD over the last 38yrs since I first heard them. The Froese/Franke/Baumann lineup WAS TD for me, closely followed by Froese/Franke/Schmoelling. The introduction of Ulrich more recently seems to be bearing interesting fruit. Im sitting here now, listening to Encore from 1977 and marvelling at the music. The dynamic sequences and the beautiful melodies are simply stunning. I (we) have a lot to thank TD for.

  2. Already listened to the mix yesterday. I enjoyed it. Seemed to capture a certain era of TD pretty well while highlighting similarities with music by other artists. As I am not very familiar with the stuff TD put of since the 80s this was educational to me on multiple levels. Thanks!

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