Plankton Electronics Intros Ninja Stars Multiple


Plankton Electronics has introduced Ninja Stars – a passive audio & CV hub, splitter & multiple for Eurorack modular synths.


  • 3.5mm audio and CV hub / splitter /multiple
  • Passive
  • 6 in/out
  • Accepts mono and stereo (TRS) signals
  • Material: FR4 non-toxic fiberglass with gold coating
  • Supersmall (38mm)
  • You can insert cables through the center hole in order to fix it on your modular noodle configuration
  • Also suitable for headphones

Note: It’s not a mixer. Weird things may result from mixing signals with it πŸ™‚

Ninja Stars are available now for €7.26 Inc VAT.


15 thoughts on “Plankton Electronics Intros Ninja Stars Multiple

    1. I thought so too at first but it’s actually competitive with the Belkin Rockstars, including shipping to the US. And yeah, they get much cheaper than the Belkins if you buy the 3 or 6 packs. Plus, these don’t have the built in “input” cable and they have the clever hole in the middle. That said, the Belkin is sealed which seems a better idea if it’s going to be part of a portable setup. I guess the built-in input is useful in some scenarios.

      1. About the same price as Intellijel Hubs, too.

        But then, I just bought a bunch of Erthenvar IV cables for $1.38 on sale last night. (Their website seems to be semi-hit by the nasty DDOS stuff going on today unfortunately.) I think I prefer Stackables but I can’t argue with the price!

    1. Midi uses 3 pins and thi splitter is TRS so in theory you can use it for midi if you have the DIN to 3.5mm adapter. But I’m not shure if MIDI needs to be buffered in order to be splitted. I thing that it must.

    2. That should work actually (though it would be good to know for sure from Plankton). There’s a Sonic State video with Nick and Gaz doing exactly that with a passive headphone star (belkin I think) and a set of 3.5mm->DIN MIDI connectors. It’s a part of their volca series.

    1. yes, I use noname 1-to-5 star-shaped splitters a-la belkin bought on aliexpress for I guess three times less than this masterpiece of technology, and it works just fine, though when connecting fourth and fifth cables there is some voltage drop (like three semitones in volt-per-octave situation), which seems kinda weird (shouldn’t it be ampers to lower, not volts?)

  1. not a ripoff. passive multiples are a generic design. look at all the passive headphone splitters on eBay. it’s about the easiest DIY module one can make as well.

    I do like the design of the Ninja Stars Multiples here- probably lighter than the alternatives and the hole in the middle looks handy for keeping things tidy.

  2. Ripoff? Oh come on now. To say it is, is like saying a stop sign is a rip off of an octagon.

    I really dig it, and the hole in the middle to hold it in place is a great design idea! I’ll probably pick one or two up to add to my Intellijel magnetic hubs πŸ™‚

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