MeeBlip Triode Synth Jam

This synth jam, via Olivier Ozoux, features the sound of the new MeeBlip Triode synthesizer.

The open source/open hardware synth is a digital/analog hybrid design, with digital wavetable oscillators feeding into an analog filter.

Technical Details:

Synth jam with the MeeBlip Triode, Korg Electribe 2 Sampler and Squarp Pyramid sequencer.

2 thoughts on “MeeBlip Triode Synth Jam

    1. Astroturfing? You’ve got to be joking.

      We didn’t submit this video to Synthtopia – they posted it without compensation. We didn’t ask them to.

      It’s just like all the Roland and Deep Mind videos that have appeared around the web over recent months – videos get shared and discussed. That’s the way blogs work.

      MeeBlip is a tiny 2-person company, and getting the word out about our gear is really hard. We don’t have millions of dollars to spend on massive trade show booths and dealer networks, so we appreciate every shout out we get to help us sell a few hundred units a year and eek out a meager living doing what we love.

      Our entire ad budget for 2016 so far has been $25 for some text ads on reddit.

      In this case, a guy who received one of the first triodes posted a video on YouTube. He’s just a customer and did it because he enjoys it.

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