Ableton Live Set Export The New ‘Must-Have’ Feature For iOS Music Apps

Ableton today introduced Ableton Live Set Export – a new software development kit for iOS that’s designed to make it easy for developers to add ‘Export to Live’ functionality into music apps.

As their intro video demos, Live Set Export addresses a growing need for Live users. As more musicians are jamming with iOS music apps, they want to be able to move their musical ideas to their desktop DAW.

In the demo, Patterning developer Ben Kamen and Triqtraq developer Sebastian Schatz demonstrate how an iOS jam session, using multiple devices and apps, can be saved to a Live Set and then arranged in Ableton Live.

These iOS apps have been updated to support Live Set Export:

Details on the Live Set Export SDK are available at Github.

We expect Live Set Export to be added to the ‘must have’ feature list for iOS music apps that do sequencing, because of the popularity of Live with electronic musicians.

What do you think? Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Ableton Live Set Export The New ‘Must-Have’ Feature For iOS Music Apps

  1. this is a fantastic development by Ableton. First Link, now this. Of course I think they need to fix some major issues with their flagship product, but this kind of forward thinking makes me feel a lot better about working in the Ableton ecosystem.

  2. Stunning really that not everyone is doing this. The iPad is a fantastic and unique sound generator, with some studio integration issues. But those issues are easy to resolve with a little bit of software engineering.

    1. now if we can just get the hardware interface side to make sense

      Like a 4 in 4 out with 2 midi in and outs (32 total channels) with lightning hardwired on with charging capcity
      or even 8 and 8 and 4

      right now it is separate interfaces

      1. If I’m understanding you correctly, you’ve basically described the features of the iConnectAudio4+, a gadget which has been on my wish list for some time!

        1. except it has one midi, which there are several devices have that
          I wanted to see more than one midi channel sets

      1. I expect it was intended as more of a general question as to how Cubase could get similar functionality, rather than a specific complaint about Ableton’s new software.

        On a semi-reated note, Garageband projects can be exported to macOS and imported by Logic Pro.

  3. Sweet! Hmm. Anybody knows if Tabletop will add Live set export functionality in the near future? also anyone knows of any ios apps other than that on the above list that offer Live Set Export ?

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