Using Alternative Firmwares With The Music Thing Modular Radio Music

This set of videos, via Voltage Control Lab, is an unofficial tutorial on using alternate firmwares with the Music Thing Modular Radio Music Eurorack module.

The standard firmware for the Radio Music lets it be used for voltage-controlled playback of audio files. Alternate firmwares let you use the Radio Music as 808 drum module and more. 

They also shared a tutorial that demonstrates how to prepare new samples for the Radio Music module:

Details on the Radio Music module are available at the Music Thing Modular site.

8 thoughts on “Using Alternative Firmwares With The Music Thing Modular Radio Music

  1. This is a really nice versatile module, I have built 2 of them sourced from Thonk LTD on line in Uk. link is
    Relatively these are an easy unit to build for the DIYer , just need moderate soldering skills and basic tech understanding.I am a cheap skate these days so DIY suits me .Nice touch is optional colour choice for reset button, when you end up building a bank of them in your Modular.In standard mode the music thing modular docs and website are good and give you a number of quirky sound resources. My favourite being the Oxford club financial adviser. and the compendium of “I can’t get to work cos I am real sick today” voicemails

  2. I really don’t think any gear under about 1000$ is even worth it. How can anyone make music on anything digital like this especially not vintage?? How do you even play it? Minikeys? Does it even have aftertouch? No wonder you hear EDM everywhere these days. We need more vintage

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