Vince Clarke’s Introduction To The Buchla Modular Synthesizer

Synth pop pioneer Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Yaz and Erasure) is known for his massive synth collection – but he admits that he know nothing about Buchla synthesizers.

Clarke recently started VeryRecords, and one of his first signings is Reed and Caroline, the duo of New York electronic musician Reed Hays and vocalist Caroline Schutz. Their album Buchla and Singing dropped October 14.

Hays has a long history with the Buchla synthesizer. He decided to go to Oberlin College solely because they owned one. He went on to a career writing music for television and film, including co-composing the themes for NFL, MLB, NASCAR and NHL on Fox. And he’s always used the Buchla as a primary instrument.

Clarke recently sat down with Hays in his East Village studio for an introduction to the Buchla. Along the way, they talk about the life and times of the recently deceased Don Buchla, his namesake modular synthesizer and where to hide if you want to get studio time with a Buchla synthesizer.

“In this video, I’m talking to Reed Hays, a master of the mighty Buchla Modular Synthesizer,” notes Clarke. “Don Buchla, who recently passed away, designed a unique and beautiful sounding Modular synth that Reed has been working with for twenty-plus years. I hoped to to learn, with Reed’s help and demonstration, how the friggin’ thing works.”

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  1. What a life! Massive Buchla, CS80, friends with Mark Verbos and a talented musician.

    Not enough audio.

    Nice to hear some more of Don’s ideas. Think differently. Throw in some lateral thoughts. Most of all- use bananas.

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