LinnStrument Update Lets You Use It As A Polyphonic Step Sequencer

Roger Linn Design has released a new firmware update for the LinnStrument Expressive Music Controller that adds a powerful Step Sequencer mode.

In the video above, Roger Linn offers an in-depth look at the new mode and its capabilities.

linnstrument-step-sequencerLinnStrument Step Sequencer Mode

The Step Sequencer captures the wide range of expression that the LinnStrument is capable of.

Each of LinnStrument’s two splits can have four sequences, one of which may play at a time. You can turn on the sequencer in both splits, to play two simultaneous sequencer tracks, or you can use a sequencer in one split, and play live on the the LinnStrument with the other split.

Each step in a sequence can have four notes. And each note has velocity, pitch offset, duration and y axis data that you can tweak.

In addition to the features for creating sequences, the Step Sequencer is also for live performance and expressive sequence control.

Pricing and Availability

The new Step Sequencer mode is part of LinnStrument Version 2.0.0 Software, which is available now as a free download. The LinnStrument itself is available for US $1499 from the Roger Linn Design site.

16 thoughts on “LinnStrument Update Lets You Use It As A Polyphonic Step Sequencer

  1. This looks like a very cool update.

    Can anyone comment on how this compares to the Roli or the Continuum? Seems like this is becoming the best new of the MPE controllers.

  2. Roger mentions a downloadable .pdf for the new panel info, or options to order a new panel, but I can’t seem to suss this out on his site. Anyone else have a link available, by chance?

    1. I replied with the link awhile ago but it’s still awaiting moderation.

      In the meantime, if you go to Roger Linn’s site, under Support -> Linnstrument -> Panel Settings -> Sequencer, the link is sort of hidden in the paragraph right above “Overview”.

  3. Really does make this more no more of a useful tool.

    However I’d like to know more bout how hard or easy it is to change the length of the note individually in the sequence… It a lot easier to “play” your tune and have the software quantise it and tell you how long each note is and perfect your timing, than to try to step sequence an unusual melody (rather than a regular arpeggio)

    This is something I think we will see more of in future sequencers, almost like loop recording your performance.

    1. Most of the newer sequencers already do this….Social Entropy Engine, Beat Step Pro, Avalon bassline sequencer, and I think Kilpatrick Carbon all allow you to step sequence ‘and’ live record the sequence. In the avalon to set the note length in the step mode you press and hold the first step and then the last step to set the length. I would bet this does the same.

  4. Hubba hubba. I couldn’t tell if there was more than one swing setting (on/off) but considering the creator, prolly doesn’t matter. If there’s only one it will be “the right” one.

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