Malekko Varigate 8+ Eurorack Module

Malekko shared this video introduction to the Varigate 8+, an 8-channel 16-step gate sequencer.

The video covers:

  • Different ways to program gates
  • Saving and recalling presets
  • Track mode and sequence directions
  • Song mode
  • Clearing a pattern of gates
  • Clearing an entire preset
  • Muting gate channels

Varigate 8+ is a compact sequencer and control station for Eurorack modular systems. You can create songs and live performances with 8 channels of gate outputs with up to 16 steps per channel, 2 independent CV outputs for custom scale quantization, easy recall of 10 storage banks and 100 channel presets, random functions, mute functions and more.


  • 8 channels of gates, each with up to 16-steps
  • 2 quantized 1v/oct CV channels
  • CV channels can be independent or linked to any gate channel
  • Save up to 100 presets
  • 10 different song banks programmable by choosing any sequence of presets
  • Programmable scale per bank
  • Note and Glide per step
  • Forward, Reverse, Pendulum and Random directions per channel
  • Probability, Repeat, Delay and Pulsewidth control per channel
  • Individual clock multiplier, divider and sequence length per channel
  • Random gate input for applying variation to a pattern
  • All per step parameters can be randomized within a given range
  • Program gate channels with both sliders and buttons
  • Mute function (mute a channel or pattern)
  • Freeze gate input turns random sequences into static sequences while active
  • Reset input
  • Clear function for clearing channels and parameters
  • Tempo control knob
  • Clock in and Out

Pricing and Availability

The Varigate 8+ is available now for US 549.00 at the Malekko site.

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