Korg Odyssei App Brings ARP Odyssey To iOS


Korg has introduced ARP ODYSSEi for iOS, a software synth that uses analog circuit modeling to recreate the sound of the classic ARP Odyssey

According to the company, the software faithfully models the circuits of all three versions of the ARP Odyssey. It also adds new functionality to allow further possibilities beyond the unique sounds Odyssey has become famous for.

Korg has used their Circuit Modeling Technology (CMT) to recreate the original as closely as possible. In addition
to the three filter types and the Drive function available on Korg’s 2015 revival of Odyssey, ARP ODYSSEi offers a new voice assign mode that allows you to play chords, an arpeggiator that can be programmed much like a step sequencer, and effects that can transform the sound dramatically.

ARP ODYSSEi can be used in conjunction with the KORG Gadget music production DAW app, is compatible with Audiobus and Inter-App Audio, and can also be used in GarageBand.

Here’s the official video intro:

Pricing and Availability:

ARP ODYSSEi is available with an introductory price of US $19.99 through November 30th.

57 thoughts on “Korg Odyssei App Brings ARP Odyssey To iOS

  1. A bit pricey. Considering ios prices on other synths. Nice sound but there are enough other nice sounds that cost half of this.

  2. Looks like this is not available outside of the US app store? So I guess the rest of the world doesn’t buy Korg products ffs!??

  3. Looks and sounds great, but is it available anywhere? It’s not in the US app store yet. Also, Korg Gadget updated this morning but the link to purchase the Arp Lexington leads to “not available in US” app store page. Tease, tease…

  4. Interesting, but compare this demo with those of the Korg Arp Odyssey on YouTube. I hope this is just an inferior demo. Because they sound much, much better. By the way Korg, an IAP to buy extra skins is a low and mean, money grabbing tactic on your part. Uncool Mr Korg.

      1. each one?
        love the fact that DOE NOT SHOW UP in the column where it shows that price
        does it for gadjet and others
        come ok go, opps, my bad KORG

  5. Not seeing it here in the US App Store. Disappointed to say the least. These kinds of soft synths are why I bought an iPad Pro and a plug key

    1. Wait you’re disappointed about the app because it’s not on the store yet? I’m sure the build is being uploaded to the store as we speak…

  6. found a way to get to it
    open korg gadjet,
    open gadjet add
    scroll down to the lexington
    click app store link

    although it is confusing in that it offers in app purchase, but see none?

    oh 33% off until november 30

  7. Bad news- if you have an iPad 4, as I do, the odyssey app is not compatible. I was so stoked to fire it up in Gadget, now I’m bummed out.

  8. I’ve been trying to find a certain kind of “pop/snap” sound — from a super-fast envelope attack or decay applied to a filter cut off with a fairly high resonance. I’ve tried most of my digital synths (both Mac VIs and iOS), but so far, they all seem to have kind of a zippering sort of “rip” but nothing like what I’m “remembering” (perhaps I’m mis-remembering?!)

    If I found out one of these models actually achieved that kind of sound, I might kick down.

    1. The envelopes on the odyssey are fast, but not insanely fast. There is a mod that lets you switch between normal and turbo mode for the envelopes. It basically adds a second capacitor of a different value for the ADSR circuit. But out of the box it’s not going to be turbo. I get around this by sampling the percussive sound from the Odyssey, then pitching the sample up, which makes the sound tighter and snappier.

  9. An alternative to GForce Oddity which has been there for years and is a joy to use on a laptop or a tablet with Windows 10 and touch screen. The one from Korg is definitely less pricey, the one from Gforce is one of the best softsynths out there. So, that makes quite a few options for an Odyssey now….

  10. Very nice, but way to much put into one screen. Text and sliders are very small on my Air 2. Maybe a zoom function would improve it?

    1. if you need iPad to control some midi device there are a bunch of apps for that, including one you can make a custom layout

  11. More toys pretending to be software versions of the real thing. In fact all the sound you get is based on prerecorded samples probably from a real odessey, but thats all. When you alter voltage controlled. Oscillator or select oscillator waveforms etc, you are only making a call to the prerecorded sound samples inside. Only sound editing, filter etc are real.

    1. That’s so sad if it is true and you are probably right and the reason I won’t buy it… why is it like that? Why can’t they emulate the waveforms instead! Feels so much more real. Sad sad news…

      1. Qlas beats, that is because mathematical algorithms will never be able to emulate electronic circuitry, that is all lies. This thing is only a program with a nice interface( nice synth ) with the ability to call internal sample files. Only basic editing and sound modifications is real. Smart business people have cleverly discovered a way to make so much money out of it, they knew people will blindly believe all the bogus sound synthesis literature accompanying these soft synths, so soft synth have higher sound wuality just because they are using high quality sound samples inside, probably prerecorded from from real synths. Especially young people but lots of adults have spent a fortune buying all these soft synths. This is the way the world is unfortunately, corrupt people and con men finding new ways to rip people off.

        1. Thank you for sharing this, you really got me thinking. And like I said I won’t buy this type of nice interface synths anymore. What about the moog model 15? Is that also samples only? I like that one thou. Another question, what soft synth according to you have the circuit mathematical drawn and does it good according to you? Vst, iPad or any? Would love to hear your response on that. Would you say the virtual synths like microkorg is also based on samples?
          Some sample based synth can be kool thou, wavetable synths and junk.

          Yeah, corrupt and wicked I agree. But we all need to hope for enlightenment and a better state of mind. Thanks for taking your time and respond!

    2. False information! And you seem to be carrying some resentment. Yet unqualified! In fact, many owners of the Arp Odyssey say this app is incredible. More powerful than the real thing. Way beyond Roland’s modelling technique! And close to the power of the original. Do you have it? If not get it before diretribing!

  12. Planned obsolescence strategy strikes again, no ipad4 compatibility, so go run buy latest apple device. Also what about audio unit, worthless if it is not audio unit as far as pro production is concerned,,more things whatabout midi output, hope this thing is not omni, it better not be.

  13. I found the mod wheel responds to every midi channel.
    It’s arp tempo won’t sync to anything else??

    Amazing app otherwise, very rich sound.


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