Error Instruments Intros Spikes Touch-Controlled Eurorack Noise Module

Error Instruments has introduced a new Eurorack module, designed by Paul Tas,  Spikes.

Spikes is a module with 13 touch points that you can use to create touch-controlled sounds or control voltages.

The sound spectrum of the module goes far above 20,000 hertz. This is above what the human ear can hear and into dolphin and bat territory. 

It has two CV inputs with VCA character, CV out and 1x audio out.

Pricing and Availability

SPIKES comes in two editions:

  • SPIKES error wood € 199
  • SPIKES PaulTas 40 years edition € 270

See the Error Instruments site for details.

14 thoughts on “Error Instruments Intros Spikes Touch-Controlled Eurorack Noise Module

  1. seriously mate, how hard would it have been to record this properly inline instead of with you phone mic or whatever it was, it sounds horrible.

    1. maybe he doesnt care that much about actually selling any units? maybe hes just like “meh, whatever.. who cares if it sells or not”

    1. at least there is a demo video
      how many times a new product in the store DOES NOT HAVE A DEMO VIDEO
      for something that sits, well how about a few PICTURES
      jeezze , practically ever cell phone can do this

  2. My news and demos don’t even make it to Synthttopia anymore so i’m confied to Matrixsynth.

    Dont know why but its sad because I sell quit good and my demo quality is the same as Paul’s.

  3. hey we are errorinstruments we make videos.
    but it is not for people to follow or so.
    .The contain some clips for the customers.
      person actual user manuel.
    or sneek peak
    We use children’s app for filming because of mad effects are
    and simply with the phone.

    glitch and raw arty.

    Not everyone understands this.

    it is not intended to be a demo channel

    and for good video. I recommend Divkid but certainly
    The Tuesday Night machinery .of felix

    these guys do well.

    we are and child with a cammera

    we are ERROR

  4. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed. There was real lack of variation with the demo and the range of possibilities seemed limited. The concept reminded me of Cracklebox by Michel Waisvisz and Geert Hamelberg, but that had much more variation.

  5. Nice noise it makes. But I would’nt want to tie up my hands to use this in my rack. I would love to see this with both spikes and cv modulation options (more then one). Nha, still hold a finger on the RF Nomad.

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