Synth Secrets Of The Dr. Who Theme

This vintage video takes a look at story behind the BBC Radiophonic Workshop‘s arrangement of the classic Ron Grainer Dr. Who theme. 

While the original version was created with a setup closer to a classical tape music studio, this version makes use of 70’s era gear, like the Yamaha CS-80, ARP Odyssey and Roland SVC-350.

via House of Angels

4 thoughts on “Synth Secrets Of The Dr. Who Theme

  1. For the record, this is the version used from 1980-1985, arranged and synthified by Peter Howell (who performs it in the video). Growing up, I thought a lot of it was guitars, but no, it’s vocoded synths!

    There was a slight re-arrangement of this theme in 1986 for Colin Baker’s run as the Sixth Doctor, and then a new synth-based arrangement – arguably the worst one – from 1987 till the original show’s demise in 1989, complete with cheesy computer-graphic intro.

    That said, it was never quite as space-opera-drama cheesy as the Blake’s 7 theme…

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