Euclidean Polyrhythm Gate Generator Eurorack Module

This video offers a quick demo of the SYNSI Euclidean Polyrhythm Generator module for Eurorack synthesizers.

The module can run from an internal clock or sync to an external clock, and it generates four unique gate signals, based on Euclidean Rhythms

Euclidean Rhythms are class of rhythms that have an arbitrary number of beats distributed as equally as possible over any length of sequence. For example, if you distribute 4 kicks equidistantly over 16 beats, you get a 4 on the floor pattern. But when you distribute 5 beats or 7 beats as equally as possible over 16 beats, things get interesting – and the resulting rhythms are ones found in many types of polyrhythmic music.

In this demo, an Alesis DM5 drum trigger brain is being triggered by the Euclidean module, running on its internal clock. All drum sounds are stock Alesis DM5 samples.

Euclidean trigger 1 out is going to the kick, offbeat (triggers whenever trigger 1 isn’t being triggered) is going to the snare. Triggers 2 and 3 are triggering the low and high toms.

It’s available as a DIY project or complete module via SYINSI. If you’re an Ardcore owner, a Euclidean Rhythm sketch is available for it.

Euclidean Rhythms are defined and documented in a paper (pdf) by Godfried Toussaint.

via THX2112

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