FL Studio Updated To Version 12.4

Image Line has updated FL Studio to version 12.4, adding new plugins and more.

Here’s what’s new in FL Studio 12.4:

New Plugins:

  • Transistor Bass –  Advanced emulation of the legendary Roland TB303 Bassline synthesizer – $49.
  • FL Studio Mobile – Companion to the Android, iOS and Windows App. Bring mobile projects into FL Studio.

Updated Plugins

  • FPC – Vectorial UI. Expandable.
  • Harmless – Vectorial UI.
  • Newtone – Added buttons for pitch and warp modes. Option to include region markers when saving a sample from Pitch Correction mode.
  • Ogun – Vectorial UI.
  • Parametric EQ 2 – Vectorial UI. Fully resizable.
  • Patcher – 37 new presets by Youlean.
  • Razer Chroma – Support for Naga Chroma Mouse.
  • Slicex – Vectorial UI.
  • Vocodex – Vectorial UI.
  • ZGameEditor Visualizer – Use videos as internal controllers. 4 new presets. Use FL Studio Windows as video input. Supports H.264 video export (mp4). Drag-and-drop to re-arrange layers.

FL Studio Features:

  • Extended colors – FL Studio now allows selection of fully saturated colors from all color dialogs.
  • Custom mapping formulas – Edit the Formulas.txt file ..System\Config\Mapping.
  • Browser – Restored option to Open samples in Fruity Slicer.
  • Mixer – Menu > View > “Alternative mixer highlighting” option to work with the new very bright or dark colors.
  • Dashboard – Can now be resized from the window border.
  • Plugin Manager – Window can now be set to remain on top of other windows.
  • Command-line rendering – /R[filename] myproject.flp, use /E[extensions] to specify format (E.g: “/Emp3,ogg,wav”).
  • Loop recording – Significantly improved. Video Tutorial.
  • Maschine Jam support – Added undo/redo, step seq mode and swing jogwheel mode.
  • Views – Custom layout is now remembered even when selecting other layout
  • Input quantization – Added new recording quantize options (right-click the Record button)
  • Wrapper – Threaded processing is now on by default

Pricing and Availability

FL Studio is available in 4 editions: Fruity ($99), Producer ($199), Signature ($299) and All Plugins ($899 USD).

14 thoughts on “FL Studio Updated To Version 12.4

    1. Get of your high horse. They are giving away the genuine UNHARMED TB-303 and the sawed TT-303 to two people who buy TransistorBass. How can you twist that into a bad thing? You are just salty because you probably went on some social media tirade and they made you look like a fool.

      1. No thanks, I can see perfectly from my high horse. They still sawed a perfectly good tt in half like a bunch of tossers. Kind of thing a spoilt teenager does. Could of just said ” we are giving away a tb303″. Would have generated just as much publicity without looking like dickheads

    1. If you are unfamiliar with how computers are designed, it may seem that way. But OSX and iOS are completely different operating systems, at the moment. I think Apple is trying to bring them closer together, but Im not sure how much effect that would have on actual ports. If anything, I could see some kind of iOS emulator running inside OSX that would allow you to run apps – but that has nothing to do with developing a Windows program and then porting that to OSX via iOS. Absolutely nothing whatsoever.

      1. Actually IOS is based on OSX, and IOS apps are built and tested in OSX. It is already possible to run IOS apps on OSX, but Apple does not allow it outside of the SDK.

        1. Im sure they will allow it eventually.

          Anyways FL Mobile seems like a much better program than this “full version” anyways

            1. doesnt matter if its a fraction or not, I like it way better… more user friendly, more efficient, quicker results – all that kind of thing

        2. actually IOS like android as far as I understand use internal Java libraries to perform their functions – OSX is a linux base that should be able to run as a JRE application but I am sure that it is going to give you a performance hit as OSX isn’t meant to run JRE apps even though it can.

  1. I love every FL update 😛

    But the mapping formular needs a new function where you can simply set start and end points this would be awesome 🙂

  2. that transistor bass plugin sounds incredible, like most of 303 clone vst plugins . All them except aira tb3 or tb03 XD (hardwares replicas from roland) … how odd ! …

  3. I am amazed how Image-Line keep making FL Studio better and better. I haven’t paid a cent since FL Studio 3. Well, I have bought extra plugins but nothing to keep FL Studio updated. And for that fact alone Image-Line have my gratitude. Great company.

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