29 thoughts on “Acidlab Detroit Analog Drum Machine Inspired By The Roland TR-909

  1. It’s ok but I want a drum machine with some bite to like the DMX or Linn LM1 even Yamaha’ s RX series “Damn go ahead and do the Roland’s R8 then”

    1. Seems like an incredibly nontopical critique.

      Those are all either samples or digital.

      Acidlab almost exclusively does analog. Meanwhile, since Roland is still pushing their ACB stuff, there aren’t all that many ways of getting an analog 909 without going Eurorack, DIY, or for the massive price of an original.

    1. The Drumatix is 660 Euro, the Miami is 880 Euro…I guess the Detroit will be 990 Euro.
      Still interesting though. The Roland TR 09 remake was, imho, a major letdown (argh, that rimshot). Looking forward to the sound demos.
      A Sonicstate review would be the cherry on the cake 😉

      1. It totally makes logical sense it would be $990 but I hope he breaks the pattern on this one.

        It looks mostly similar to the Miami and there’s possibly less circuitry since a few of the sounds are samples, at least in the original. I would almost feel it has to be $909. Unless the circuits on the 909 have way more to them compared to the 808 than I realized, I’d feel it’s almost less for more at $990.

  2. I’ve been hoping for a long time that Acidlab would produce a 909 clone. I have a Bombass (deluxe 303) from him and it’s amazing. It sounds great and is built so well you could run it over with a tank and it would still work.

    1. Of course people want to be original, just look around at the other gear available. But people also want these kind of sounds as well, so why not make it if people want it

  3. Impossible, You Will never get THE loose timing and 6 bit aggression of samples hi hat and ride of the original TR-909machine, there in big chips stored (its incredible!) it’s THE secret that only kikumoto has delivered to THE original 303, 808, 909. Rolands new modern versions are A Joke as Well … simulating, Really iT doesnt feel reel at all….

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