Brooklyn Synth Expo Draws 1,000+

brooklyn-synth-expoOrganizers of the Brooklyn Synth Expo, a free event held November 12-13 at Main Drag Music let us know that the event attracted 1,000+ visitors this year.

Several manufacturers featured new gear, including:

  • Korg Monologue
  • Arturia DrumBrute
  • Roland System-8 and TR-09
  • Elektron Analog Drive
  • Native Instruments Form
  • Dave Smith Instruments Eurorack Modules

Also on hand were BASTL Instruments, Casio, Critter & Guitari, Eventide, Hologram Electronics, Moog Music, Novation, Soulsby Synths, Yamaha and others. 

Here are some images from the event, courtesy of Nadeem Ahmed:

You can find more photos from the Expo at the event’s Facebook page.

If you’ve got your own photos or videos from the Brooklyn Synth Expo, share a link in the comments!

via Paolo De Gregorio

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Synth Expo Draws 1,000+

  1. It was a cool show. I had fun with the new gear but i think i enjoyed playing the Sequential T8 they had most. I kept trying to get a turn with the 0 Coast but it was hot. I made the Steve Miller Jungle Love sound on the Karp Odyssey.

  2. The show seemed more crowded than last year. It was nice to check out the Monologue, Drumbrute and Maxibrute. Was surprised to see a Gakken on display too.

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