Novation Blocs Wave Updated To Be Compatible With Launchpad Soundpacks


Novation has updated Blocs Wave for iOS with Launchpad to Blocs Wave Soundpack Sharing. The latest update shows your purchased Launchpad soundpacks in Blocs Wave automatically.

It’s a free update to both apps, and is available to download from the app store today.

Here’s the official video intro:

Blocs Wave is available in the App Store for US $2.99 (discounted for a limited time).

12 thoughts on “Novation Blocs Wave Updated To Be Compatible With Launchpad Soundpacks

  1. Seeing as how the Launchpad program is free and the Blocs Wave is only $2.99 and both programs are feature-packed PLUS soundpacks are about to be discounted, this is a really inexpensive way to create a nice IOS music production system easily. You can even add more hardware if you want for stage or studio control (i just use my iPad and it works a treat).

      1. block itself will take samples. BUT wont send to launchpad

        I think they are trying to get you to get into their other aps

        there are allot of music making apps that try to get you and then hope to get you to buy their sound packs, which if cheap its ok but some are pricy

        it is nice when they allow the import function, I can use the couple gigs of samples I already have

  2. Launchpad has been update today but for me it isn’t actually possible to export sound and loops from launchpad to other app like cubasis for example ?
    What do you think ?

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