How To Use Audulus On An iPad With Your Modular Synthesizer

Mark Boyd of Audulus shared this video that demonstrates how to integrate the Audulus software modular synthesizer with a hardware modular synthesizer. 

Boyd uses the Expert Sleepers ES-8 to connect the iPad with a Eurorack modular synthesizer. Then he explains how he built a acid bass sequencer within Audulus and uses it to control the Euro system.

Pricing and Availability

Audulus is available in the App Store for US $29.99. It’s also available for Linux, Mac & Windows.  For more info on the ES-8 module, see the Expert Sleepers site.

9 thoughts on “How To Use Audulus On An iPad With Your Modular Synthesizer

  1. Does Audulus see all of the ins/outs on the ES-8? Would it be possible to send/receive more than a clock signal? I’d love to be able to use Audulus to expand the number of envelopes/LFOs in my Eurorack system and use some of the Audulus modules as realtime controllers.

    1. Audulus only has access to I/O 1 and 2 – but there’s still a ton you can do with just those two! Audulus was designed for iOS and having only two outputs made sense originally. Now we’re expanding into modular land, arbitrary I/O is coming, so no matter what device you plug in you’ll have access to all its ins and outs.

      And yes, the patch above is sending a gate and an audio signal. You can also send out 1v/oct and envelopes and modulation – whatever you want! 🙂 I have another video coming that shows you how to use Audulus and the ES-8 to create your own analog delay using your favorite Eurorack filter and the delay inside Audulus.

      If you have a specific request for a type of module you want made for the ES-8, let me know and I’ll make it along with a video describing how it works! 🙂

  2. Cool thanks for the info. I’ve had Audulus on the iPad for a few months and have played with it a bit. I might use the bundle deal with the ES8 through Reverb to pick up the PC version as well. I’m still kinda new to both, so I’m trying to figure things out. Using Audulus as a sequencer might be a fun option.

    I can see this as a total game changer for Eurorack if i/o is expanded to use everything.

  3. i cannot imagine a better editing interface for a virtual modular than multitouch tablet like iPad. looking at video demos you have done a fantastic job with the graphic ui, quick shifting and zooming is a god send for such an application.

    i think updating Audulus (or making a “pro” version) to make use of full ES8 input/output capacity, including its ES5 expansion header (triggers, midi, clocks) and adat i/o ports (es3/es6) is a humongous oportunity.

    it could become an ideal, or should i say a must-have control hub for tons of hardware eurorack modulars across the land. including mine 😉


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