Live Looping With A Minimoog Model D

Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist Moot Booxle takes the fast train to funk town, with this Minimoog Model D live looping session.

Here’s what he has to say about the technical details:

Completely spontaneous solo Minimoog performance, featuring just the new Minimoog Model D and a Boss RC-20XL looper, with a tiny bit of reverb and delay.

9 thoughts on “Live Looping With A Minimoog Model D

  1. Brilliant.
    Just proves that having talent and a just one monophonic synth can be more fun than having a room full of gear and moan on Synthtopia.

    1. yeah sometimes it can be super fun – sometimes I can seriously play for hours on end with a volca bass, suuperego, reverb and loop pedal and be far more entertained than with a room full of expensive gear

  2. was really good ,untill the adlib synth line ,then it sounded like posessed synth playing in a lounge bar ??why ruin a good track with a lame lounge bar sequence of notes,

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