Synthstrom Deluge Workstation Pre-Orders End Nov 25


Synthstrom Audible let us know that pre-orders for their new Deluge all-in-one, stand-alone, portable synthesizer, sequencer and sampler end Nov 25, 2016.

The Deluge lets you do grid-style sequencing, using 128 RGB pads; play samples from SD card (up to 32GB); create new sounds with an internal synth engine (FM & subtractive synthesis); control other gear, via MIDI & CV/Gate outputs; and work anywhere you like, since it has a built-in battery, mic and speaker.

They also shared three videos, which demo different aspects of the Deluge:

The first is a Stranger Things inspired jam, which shows how a song can be performed by muting/unmuting tracks, adding elements on the fly and by effecting different tracks while playing.

The next video is a quick tutorial, which demos pitch shifting and time stretching on the Deluge:

The final video demonstrates using the Deluge as a live improvisational tool, with just one sample:

Synthstrom has also released the Deluge manual.

Pricing and Availability

The Deluge is available with a launch price of $780 USD + $55 shipping (through midnight on Nov 25th, 2016 US ET). At this point, the lead time on production is expected to be four months. They have not announced pricing for the Deluge for orders after Nov 25th, but they expect it to be several hundred dollars more. See the Synthstrom Audible site for details.

11 thoughts on “Synthstrom Deluge Workstation Pre-Orders End Nov 25

  1. Very cool box. Can’t help but think these demo videos are backwards if sales is the idea. First is sort of a meh sounding version of sudden analog synth classic. I know it’s meant to show off the sequencer/song building more than the synth engine. The synth engine sounds good but that’s a tough number, those sounds so assertively analogish and so fresh in people’s brains.

    The video with the effects demo based on a single sample though… that shit is brilliant and unique in a “Yeah? Do this with your MPC.” sort of way. You have to wander through some wandering but when it does what the fella is looking for, it really does it.

    1. its a pretty cool trick – but its a bit of a gimmick… ramping the BPMs up to 4000 or whatever is definitely cool the first few times, but its not some kind of long-term sound design tool.. its just a trick that will only get you pretty limited results overall anyways

      and honestly the sound engine on this thing really seems like an afterthought to a large degree – not only the basic sound itself, (which certainly doesnt grab you or have any real identity of its own – its just a really basic utilitarian affair) but moreover in the UI design in terms of actually using this thing to do any kind of serious sound design or patch programming. it frankly appears quite tedious at best in that regard, and possibly nightmarish under time sensitive and/or other conditions

      im not hating on it tho – i mean if there was a MIDI only version with like 4 DIN outputs or something Id buy it in a second… hell i might buy two or more at that point

      but this is a very 1.0 type of product to me… and im really eager to see more iterations on this design or what these developers will be coming up with next

      1. Agreed that it’s a bit gimmicky but I don’t think this box claims to do to anything ground breaking with regard to ‘sound design’—it’s a music maker, creativity stoker, etc. With that as an aim, watching someone sort of abuse its settings for their own creative purposes, settings similar boxes may or may not have, is a more compelling sell.

  2. the deluge is in effect a standalone daw that works seamlessly from bedroom studio to stage.

    it combines all modern aspects of digital music production: sampling, grid interface, synth emulation. resulting in a very powerful tool to just jam/compose/perform.

    add to that midi and cv options (including 4 separate gates to sync analog kit) to include your legacy gear. replaceable battery. usb powered mostly with a walwart for studio and stage.

    the workflow is somehow different but well thought out and inspiring. the interface is powerful but uncluttered with a strong hands-on focus. they have already honed the concept with 8 prototypes that they managed to sell. there is a lot of effort in this, it seems. i know people that saw it live here in switzerland and they were very impressed. including my favourite shop, upbeat, who really know whats possible today. which, combined with what the website is showing, convinced me.

    soo, the videos show the potential. handmade, yeah but very dedicated. this will be legendary soon.

    i sure ordered one for the current almost half price. with very nice and proactive responses during and after the process. like inviting me to upgrade the interface for free to include the menu shortcuts silkscreened between the grid buttons.

  3. I will be ordering one tomorrow. The ability to organize my tape loops and trigger them on the fly AND a built in engine with sine waves and ring mod is exactly what I need. The fact that it can work on an easily replaceable battery and has a built in speaker, means that I can work anywhere. Hell I can plug a mic in to it and captures sounds wherever I am working.
    Download the manual and take a look if you think the editing is tedious. It makes perfect sense to me.

    That is the it is with all gear. What makes sense to me may confound the hell out of someone else, and vice versa.

  4. Ordered one. Mostly because this seems perfect for on hands external gear sequencing and really fast immediate sampling fun.

    Hopefully this lives long and prospers.

  5. Their pricing strategy of buy before the 25th nov, because after the price goes up by “several hundred dollars” is ridiculous. Infact, that has put me off it. 800 is a fairly reasonable price for a glorified standalone launchpad/beatstep. Even increasing the price by 100 will probably have people lookijg towards social entropy and akai. They shouldve ditched the mediocre onboard synth and effects, reduce the price and sell it as a sequencer!

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