New Framework For DIY Synthesizers, Prynth

Developer Ivan Franco let us know about Prynth, a new open source framework for creating programmable sound synthesizers powered by single-board computers.

The goal for Prynth is to combine the advantages of dedicated hardware with the flexibility of programming. The project offers freely accessible technologies to build such instruments.

Here’s an example of a Prynth-based synth, The Mitt, in action:

Building a synthesizer requires some DIY chops, but with Prynth that barrier is intended to be relatively low. The platform is intentionally kept simple.

The essential requirements for building a Prynth synth include:

  • Installing up a Raspberry Pi image
  • Uploading a Teensy program
  • Ordering PCBs and components online
  • Soldering through-hole components
  • Minimal Unix terminal commands

While some of these tasks might seem daunting they should be easily achieved with step-by-step instruction manuals.

Details on Prynth are available at the project site.

5 thoughts on “New Framework For DIY Synthesizers, Prynth

  1. I’ve never been fond of all thoses “human gesture feeling” synths but this one seems to sound awesome, and the idea of the very small gestures is kinda cool

  2. I’ve been a die-hard hardware guy since I started doing electronic music in the early 1990’s, meaning I am always a bit skeptic about this sort of devices, but man, I have to say that this concept has wings to fly and I’m all in!

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