18 thoughts on “Sequential Prophet 6 Vintage/Classic Patches

    1. I saw the guy actually trying to play an octave lower at the end of the video, when he played that 5th patch.
      I agree that an instrument of this calibre should have 5-octaves.

    1. That’s like me complaining about Prada bags. I don’t need to buy them.
      Likewise, if you see a vintage-style, expensive analog synthesizer, just move along. There’s no need to get triggered by anything you have no intention of buying.

      If you have no intention of buying it…… don’t.
      They’re not ‘scamming’ people, people are willingly purchasing these synthesizers. A.K.A. there’s a MARKET for these items. You’re clearly not the demographic for this market… so this item has nothing to do with you.

      So basically, all you’re doing is like walking into a women’s store and yelling at the people in there that there shouldn’t be $300 Prada bags… All the women in there would look at you, dumbfounded, and wonder why you’re in there.

      That’s precisely how we’re looking at your banter… dumbfounded.

  1. In my mind “So if I sell my OP-1 and then sell my Monomachine and then sell my BigSky, I will just need to save a thousand dollars”

    1. Strange to see such an uninformed comment on a site for synth freaks.

      Learn about the P6 and you’ll realize it is many times the synth that the Minilogue is – which is no slight against the Minilogue.

        1. I’m sorry Stunna…. everyone IS entitled to their opinion… but anyone reading this and taking your comment seriously will be sorely disappointed if they go and buy a Minilogue expecting it to sound like a P6…. For me I’ve said many times before that this isn’t my favourite synth by a long stretch and doesn’t see much use, but comparing it to the Korg (which is great… for the money!) is stretching it a bit.

          1. yeh my only argument was that minilogue “gets me emotionally there”, entirely subjectively. so no way i could justify the price on the p6 and i have cash to burn.

            i never said it sounds like a p6 or is similarly specced.

            its hilarious how defensive u geezers get at the tiniest hunch of slight towards the prophet.
            bit fundamentalist there.

            1. Not me…. I’ve said for some time that, for me, it’s not exactly “over rated”, but that there are better synths out there.

            2. I see where you’re coming from, but I think it’s more like people get worked up much in the way that a car guy would be worked up if you said a Mustang is basically a Camaro.
              The synth community is very big on cataloging the tones of different synths, and those types of comments throw a wrench in their gears.

              I agree it gets unnecessarily contentious though. But that’s the internet for you.

    2. Minilogue sounds like a Minilogue.
      Prophet sounds like a Prophet.

      (Minilogue is actually a very clean-sounding, cold as steel synthesizer. And the Prophet is buttery warm. Both phenomenal. But really totally different tones.)

  2. I absolutely love my P6. I’ve owned and sold a lot of synths. This one’s not going anywhere. That said, I do wish it had poly-AT. Other than that minor quibble, it does everything I would ever want a synth to do and it sounds amazing. It’s killed my GAS for basically every other synth out there (aside from the new Minimoog 😉 )

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