Rossum Evolution Filter vs Moog Sub Phatty

This video, via William Mathewson (WMD), compares the new Rossum Electro-Music Evolution filter Eurorack module to the Moog filter design of the Sub Phatty.

In this video, WMD Produce Specialist Alex Anderson conducts a comparison of the two ladder filters, using similar patches.

Anderson is a fan of the classic Moog sound and was looking to integrate a similar voice into his live performance rig, which includes a WMD/SSF Monolith Case. He brought in his Sub Phatty to do a ‘semi-clinical’ comparison and decided to make quick a video to share the results.

Filtering a single saw wave, the filters sound fairly similar. But the video’s real focus is exploring some of the key differences, the Evolution’s Q compensation and “species” knobs.

Both synths are recorded directly into a Tascam DR40’s external inputs.

See the WMD site for more info on the Monolith system and the Moog site for details on the Sub Phatty.

4 thoughts on “Rossum Evolution Filter vs Moog Sub Phatty

  1. I am liking more the ‘distorted’ part of its sound, but i have to say i am not impressed as i hoped i would. Too many filters in eurorack and many of them great. Also moving between poles isn’t that musically useful, having separate outputs might be more interesting (that way you could get a couple of bandpasses but that is just a preference..)

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