How To Use MIDI Gear With A Novation Circuit

This video, via BoBeats, takes a look at using hardware MIDI devices with the Novation Circuit. 

This can be used to sync the Circuit with other devices, to allow the Circuit to be used as a hardware sequencer to control other devices, or to control the Circuit with another device.

Un the video, a Kenton Midi Thru-5, Korg Volca Keys and Korg Minilogue are used to demonstrate the setups.

Circuit sends using these channels:

  • Synth 1 = MIDI channel 1
  • Synth 2 = MIDI channel 2
  • Drums 1 to 4 = MIDI channel 10

A Circuit MIDI chart is also available (pdf).

5 thoughts on “How To Use MIDI Gear With A Novation Circuit

  1. Thanks for the informations! But clip would be even more great with some “real musical” examples to give it more “life” and not only two micro sequences that doesn’t belong to each other ….

  2. Hi I have a question. How can I use the novarion circuit as a midi to control stuff in traktor scratch pro. I have a Traktor Z2 mixer as of right now. Is there a way I can get the circuit sound through the mixer ans use the circuit as midi to control stuff like FX?


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