Steinberg Intros Cubase Pro 9, ‘Their Most Complete DAW Ever’

Steinberg today introduced version 9 of its Cubase line of digital audio workstation software – Cubase Pro 9, alongside the smaller siblings, Cubase Artist 9 and Cubase Elements 9.

The update adds user-requested sampler and optimized use of workspace plus an endless number of advanced audio and MIDI tools for composition, recording, editing and mixing.

All three versions introduce the new Lower Zone, allowing for a dedicated area in the Project window to be used for the mixer and other tool panels. The second highlight of this iteration is the Sampler Track, a feature requested by many customers that provides an easy way to play samples chromatically and manipulate these with included filters and controls accessed through the Lower Zone; also on board, the Sampler Track’s very own Caleidoscope library with hundreds of samples.

Third up is a Cubase Pro only feature: Frequency is the new EQ processor with eight bands, each with the new Linear Phase mode to preserve the band’s signal phase. There is also M/S support, Auto Listen to monitor adjustments, Spectrum Display and reference keyboard.

Cubase Pro 9 also comes with up to ten marker tracks, providing users with even more freedom to specify ranges within music projects and to use these to export individual stems and group mixes.

Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist versions now offer MixConsole History that tracks all changes made in the MixConsole, allowing users to undo/redo mixing actions in a very flexible way. With the newly introduced Audio-Ins capability, users can send audio to VST 3 instrument plug-ins supporting side-chaining. Version 9 also includes cloud collaboration, with VST Transit featured in both Pro and Artist while the next incarnation of Steinberg’s remote recording software, VST Connect SE, is exclusively available to Cubase Pro users.

Included in all three versions of Cubase 9, the overhauled Maximizer plug-in magically enhances audio, lending it more volume while remaining clear and brilliant. AutoPan is the eminently exciting panning tool newly designed from the ground up, while other graphically redesigned audio processors include Brickwall Limiter, Compressor, Expander, Gate and Envelope Shaper. The new Plug-in Sentinel scans plug-ins on startup so that stability is ensured at all times. The 64-bit environment of Cubase and plug and play support for USB devices under Windows only adds to the software’s consistency. To round it out, the Production Grooves library has extended Groove Agent SE 4, offering a wide scope of loops and samples for many music styles.

Here’s an in-depth look at the new features in Cubase Pro 9:

Availability and pricing

The Cubase Pro 9, Cubase Artist 9 and Cubase Elements 9 full retail versions are available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop from December 7, 2016. The suggested retail price for Cubase Pro 9 is 579 euros, including German VAT. The suggested retail price for Cubase Artist 9 is 329 euros, including German VAT. The suggested retail price for Cubase Elements 9 is 99.99 euros, including German VAT. see the Steinberg site for details.

15 thoughts on “Steinberg Intros Cubase Pro 9, ‘Their Most Complete DAW Ever’

    1. Thats Logic Pro X. I still have to google search how to normalize a clip. I think its in advanced features or something. Not even going to get into busses and sends. Or the midi editor. Or sample warping. Or, tons of stuff.
      But yeah, when you buy a dongle, it works. Put the license on it, done for ever. Dongles do suck, usually when you dont have one.

  1. Looks like they are going Ableton with the lower zone. Cubase still feel real for rock adults who wants “to make it”. I think a nice UI (1985 – atari days) would be dope if they wanna enter the real lower zone: us beatmakers hustleing everyday. Nah, jokes aside, we have to respect em. Still thou! 😉 – Qlas Beats

    1. And there ends the support for our old 32-bit plugins. I certainly hope they still will work with my third party jbridge wrapper – or maybe it is better to sit still and continue using my 7.5 version!?

      1. Yeah, they don’t like to mention they nixed the 32bit plugs. I’ll lose some cool plugs if jbridge doesn’t work on them. I’ve already upgraded but I’m rebuilding my computer right now so I can’t experiment.

  2. Updated last night, didnt blow my mind yet but its worth the money. The piano roll alone is great. Finally got away from that layout they had since like Cubase 5. Warping is as close to ableton as you can get. Could never wrap my head around abletons right-sided arrangement view and the bland UI. Something nice about seeing a full layout of all your musical components is a classic DAW.

  3. Cubase is super dangerous. It conjurs and traps a spirits inside people. hexes and crosses the files.

    I was attacked by a witch because of Cubase

    2003-I met a neigbour who was into magic,budism,zen(practiced tarot for 30 years). At the same time I was offered Toontrack Drums From HELL.

    Had a dream of falling to HELL 3 months before I met him.

    One night the wizard and his wife chants in my dream and then my chest/solarplexus vibrates. Ever since the ritual I have had a spirit inside me where it vibrated. It`s like a ball of fear. a gas. Horror fear. 14 years I have had it inside of me.

    Because of Cubase/sound/vibration that I have been using everyday

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