Tracktion Intros DAW Essentials Collection Effects For Linux, Mac & Windows

Tracktion Corporation has introduced DAW Essentials Collection, a suite of premium FX plugins for use with any Linux, Mac or Windows DAW.

The developers say that the plugins feature extraordinary sound quality in an extremely efficient package, allowing the plugins to be used liberally across a wide range of native computer systems.

The Essential Collection can move from one DAW to another, allowing the complete sound of a recording to move as well.

“You want to be able to jump around from one host to another when working creatively,” says Tracktion’s James Woodburn. “It’s no good to have your plugins stuck on the wrong DAW as you change platforms to move between composition, production and live performance.”

Pricing and Availability

The Essentials Collection is available for Windows, Mac & Linux (VST/AU/AAX) for US $99. The Essentials Collection, as well as the BioTek Organic Synthesizer and Tracktion 7 DAW are also available as demo versions.

4 thoughts on “Tracktion Intros DAW Essentials Collection Effects For Linux, Mac & Windows

  1. If only this would set a kind of influential precedent. MOTU’s DP plugs are great, but I can’t use them in any other DAW. Mainstage & Logic’s plugs (some are one-of-a-kind– like Sculpture) can’t be used outside their apps without some interapp processes that make them pretty unworkable. If it followed that a DAW’s native plugs would be available in AU or VST versions– then DAW projects could theoretically become more like “PDFs”– However, it would complicate things like authorization, so I expect it won’t really take off with other DAW’s. Still it is welcome.

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