Samplemodeling Intros The Violin Virtual Instrument

Samplemodeling has introduced The Violin, a new virtual instrument for Mac & Windows.

According to the developers, virtually all the elements contributing to the sound of the real instrument have been introduced in this virtual violin.

Bow speed, pressure, direction and distance from the bridge are under player’s control. One can also control the resonance of the played string, that of the open strings, the amount of rosin and bow noise, the sharpness of the attack, the bow lift (on the string vs. off the string) on both attack and release, the preferred finger position, and many other parameters. Each parameter can be assigned to any MIDI CC, allowing real time control.

Here’s a video demo:

Technical details for the video: Samplemodeling SWAM Violin. All Violin, Cello and Viola tracks were recorded in real time with no editing. Hornberg Research HB-1 breath controller used with a Kurzweil PC3x keyboard controller. Vibrato controlled by the mod wheel.

Pricing and Availability

The Violin is available now for 129 EUR + (+ VAT if applicable).

4 thoughts on “Samplemodeling Intros The Violin Virtual Instrument

  1. having played the violin semi-professionally since i was out of the womb, to experience this magic is just ABSOLUTELY MINDBLOWING. such incredible detail and nuances that it fully deserves to be called an instrument. hats off to s.m., the best in the league, and all hail electronics! it’s being given more soul day by day which is exactly what it needs to entice old acoustic buffs like myself to express ourselves through it. much love…

    wonder what’s next on their bucket list, a double-bass probably?

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