Ace Synth Cover Of The Westworld Theme

This video song style music video, via Ace Waters, is a synthy take on Ramin Djawadi’s theme for HBO’s Westworld

“HBO does such a great job with their openers,” says Waters. “I knew I was going to do a synth heavy cover of this one from the moment I first saw it! Had a lot of fun with the modular on this one. Featuring eurorack, moog, dave smith instruments and more.”

8 thoughts on “Ace Synth Cover Of The Westworld Theme

  1. I’m not trying to hate too much (and definitely not on the cover), but is it just me or is the Westworld intro theme bland and boring as all get up?

    1. First time I heard it I was not impressed either. However at episode 4 or 5 I learned to appreciate it. Now when I hear it I can really enjoy it.. in short: it grows on you.

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