New FM Soft Synth, FM Wave XR7, Lets You Draw Your Own Waveforms

G-Sonique has introduced FM Wave XR7 – a new FM synthesizer for Mac & Windows that lets you draw your own waveforms.

Sounds can be filtered via 2 serial connected filters, vintage analog low pass filter and 8 filters modeled after real DSP chips. Additionally, sounds can be processed with D-Monizer (new concept of synth sound effect) and a custom adjustable waveshaper with 3 parameters.


  • 3X real time wavedrawing oscillator with Save and Load function
  • 3X Multistage, multi-shape envelope with envelope pitch modulation and amplitude/bolume modulation
  • FM1 and FM2 modulation + micromodulation
  • 2x Filters (serial)
  • 1x Analogue modeled low pass filter
  • 1x Virtual analog filter module, modeled after algorithms of hardware DSP chips (8 types of filters (G-Low pass, Low pass, 303 Low pass, High pass, G-High pass, Bandpass, G-Band pass, Peaking)
  • Multimode filter envelope
  • LFO with modulation of filter 1+2, Osc 1,2,3, (sine, saw, square, triangle, noise)
  • Distortion / Waveshaper – with parameters WX1, WX2, WX3 + normalization
  • D-Monizer special effect
  • Ping-pong delay: Delay, Feed, Mix knobs
  • Amplitude envelope
  • Preset manager with 87 presets

Pricing and Availability

FM Wave XR7 is available now for €40. See the G-Sonique site for demos and details.

5 thoughts on “New FM Soft Synth, FM Wave XR7, Lets You Draw Your Own Waveforms

  1. Looks like it’s Windows only. The demo has lots of 80’s FM bass action. You can picture a slightly out-of-shape hollywood actor rolling over the hood of a Plymouth, with some kind of hand-held projectile launcher.

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