Maschine, Traktor Get Ableton Link Support

Native Instruments has announced that Maschine & Traktor now come with Ableton Link for simple, reliable syncing across multiple applications and devices.

They also shared this short video, demonstrating how to use Ableton Link with Maschine Jam and Traktor Kontrol S4 for jamming and collaborating.

Detailed instructions on how to use Ableton Link in Maschine & Traktor is available on the Native site.

8 thoughts on “Maschine, Traktor Get Ableton Link Support

  1. Isn’t it a shame that it took Ableton Link to sync Maschine and Traktor properly?
    Before that you only had MIDI sync which was sloppy and no proprietary sync.

  2. What I’m confused about is why on earth does Maschine need Link when it literally has to be hard wired to a computer to work in the first place. Now I can use a wire to wirelessly link to other NI products that require a wire. Totally redundant feature. And this ad couldn’t make me want NI gear less.

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