Using The K-Board Pro 4 As An MPE Controller

This video, via Keith McMillen Instruments, demonstrates using their new K-Board Pro 4 as a Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE) MIDI controller with the Dave Smith Instruments OB-6

The K-Board Pro 4 gives you three-dimensional control over sounds – so left-right movement, pressure, and forward-back movement can all be used for expressive synth control.

Here’s a quick example of the K-Board Pro 4 being used as an MPE controller with GeoShred:

The K-Board Pro 4 is available to project backers starting at US $400. See the Kickstarter site for details.

8 thoughts on “Using The K-Board Pro 4 As An MPE Controller

  1. The OB-6 doesn’t support MPE, so the headline is misleading. All the K-Board does is send pitch and pressure values, but as you can hear only on one channel. And I guess it wouldn’t have sounded less cheesy with full MPE functionality…

    1. Chick and loquat –

      Thanks for the feedback and yes, the headline may be misleading.

      The K-Board Pro 4 is definitely a multidimensional polyphonic expression controller – and KMI shared the OB-6 video with the title “K-Board Pro 4: MPE Control with the OB-6”.

      DSI has not announced MPE support on the OB-6, though, and KMI didn’t provide any technical details for this video. It may be that they are mapping the K-Board Pro 4 to be used as an expressive controller, rather than an MPE controller, leveraging the OB-6’s polyphonic aftertouch and CCs. In the demo video, it does look like the Y-axis gesture in the left hand is resulting in global modulation on the OB-6, rather than just the bass notes.

      GeoShred, on the other hand, has announced MPE support:

  2. I hope that someday DSI does make an MPE analog synth. The Tetra works in multi mode, but it is a pain and, of course, maxes out st 1voice per timbrex4 timbres.

  3. Curious about the quality of these. I hope these are not made in China and that Keith has solved his earlier quality control problems. I loved the concept of the Quneo, the execution could have been better. Mine is pretty much dead.

  4. It looks like KMI wants $599 in retail for this and this is a year out for delivery. The kickstarter best price is $450 now with an additional $100 for shipment, so that does not give much incentive for taking a risk for a “beta” production model. In the meantime big names probably will jump on the MPE bandwagon for keys. Possible reasons this KMI met the funding limit.The blue colors don’t give it the feeling of a pro instrument as well. About $399 in retail would probably a competitive product..

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