Mitti Is A New Video Cue App You Can Sync To MIDI, OSC & DMX

Imimot, makers of Vezér and CoGe, has introduced a new video cue app for OS X, Mitti.

Mitti supports lots of media types for videos, multi-display setup, and is remote controllable by DMX, OSC and MIDI. It can also be slaved to LTC/MTC timecode, which means it can be easily connected to most major DAWs.

You can create Cues in Mitti from video and still image files of course, as well as a rich-set of inputs, including Cameras, Syphon and NDI sources. Cues have their individual color, video effect and audio settings.

Mitti’s playback engine can be slaved to an external MTC (MIDI Timecode) or LTC (Linear Timecode) SMPTE timecode source to make tight sync with any software or hardware timecode generators, show control solutions or even DAWs.

Pricing and Availability

Mitti is available now for $299. A demo version is also available.

One thought on “Mitti Is A New Video Cue App You Can Sync To MIDI, OSC & DMX

  1. That’s awesome for my live setup, so I can sync the moving heads, video and ableton……oh wait! I have only 12 unfinished tracks, no audience, no fans, no club to play my synthwave set. Should I cry? 🙁

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