Reaktor 6.1 Adds Ableton Link Support

Native Instruments has released Reaktor 6.1, an update that adds Ableton Link support.

Reaktor joins a long list of apps for iOS, and a growing list of apps on other platforms, that support Ableton’s new standard for syncing music applications.

Here’s what’s new in Reaktor 6.1.0:

  • Ableton link support
  • Core Cell visible on Panel View fixed
  • Not possible to assign a midi CC to the knob through the right click menu – now fixed

8 thoughts on “Reaktor 6.1 Adds Ableton Link Support

  1. Yeah. I’m really missing the point here. Why would a vst running inside a daw, perfectly synced, need a shitty, unreliable wifi sync app to sync to the very same daw it’s already hosted in ?

    1. Yeah – you are missing the point. It also sounds like you don’t know much about Reaktor or Ableton Link.

      It’s not confusing to people that have used any of these things.

    2. Ok, from the top: 1. I haven’t used Reaktor, but I’m pretty sure it can be used standalone 2. Ableton link is not shitty, in fact it’s one of the most robust ways of syncing between boxes 3. It’s not Ableton Live Link, it’s Ableton link, which is an open standard which can sync anything to anything if support is added. Ableton Live is not needed. It has a many advantages over plain clock-in clock-out tempo syncing.

      Try it, it’s worth it.

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